How is HIV treated?

HIV treatment involves taking anti-HIV drugs every day. These drugs do not cure HIV, but they can stop HIV from reproducing.

This allows the immune system to strengthen and fight infections effectively. Thanks to HIV treatment, many people with the virus can live a long and healthy life.

There are now more than 30 of these drugs, although they are not all available everywhere in the world. HIV is normally treated with a combination of three different drugs, some of which might be combined into one pill. Most HIV treatment combinations are taken once or twice daily.

If you are prescribed HIV treatment, you should aim to take all the doses. Missing just a few doses a month can mean that your treatment doesn’t work properly, and your HIV may become resistant to the drugs that you are taking.

You should be monitored regularly to see if your treatment is working. If you do encounter a problem with your treatment, it should be possible to do something about it.

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