Do I have to tell anyone that I have HIV?

It’s up to you who you decide to tell. Some people are very open about their HIV status, and some people only tell a small number of people. In many situations, it is simply not relevant.

You will need to weigh up the pros and cons of telling someone that you have HIV.

On the one hand, restricting the number of people who know that you have HIV will keep the information private. Some people fear stigma, rejection, or even violence because they have HIV.

But by not telling anyone, it can also mean that you’re unable to access valuable sources of love, help and support. Many people find that they are loved by their partners and families, supported by their friends, and embraced by their community.

Telling current, previous or new sexual partners can be a difficult decision. You could talk this over with someone at your clinic.

In some countries there are laws setting out when you do or don’t need to tell certain people about your HIV status.

And many countries in the world have some sort of legislation in place to protect people living with HIV against discrimination if they do tell people about their HIV.

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