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  • Cancer
    Increased Mortality Among Lung Cancer Patients with HIV
    MD Magazine | 14 hours ago

    Many studies have demonstrated that patients living with HIV are at a higher risk of a number of different types of malignancies, including lung cancer. Research has also shown that cancer patients living with HIV have a poorer prognosis than cancer patients who do not have HIV.

  • Activism
    Transition Notice: Dr Laurel Sprague leaves GNP+
    Global Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (GNP+) | 24 April 2018

    It is with sadness and gratitude that the Board of the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) announces Dr. Laurel Sprague’s departure as Executive Director, effective 18 May 2018.

  • Transgender people
    Life as a woman with HIV: 'We're stigmatised because we're looked upon as if we're easy'
    The Journal | 24 April 2018

    59-year-old Rebecca De Havalland, born in Longford and raised in Dublin, rose to fame in the UK in the 1980s as a successful model agent. She had a career that was on an upward spiral. However, she had two secrets that would soon drastically impact her future – being a transgender woman and a HIV diagnosis.

  • UK health services
    Terrence Higgins Trust plans redundancies as part of restructure
    Civil Society News | 23 April 2018

    The Terrence Higgins Trust has confirmed that it is likely to make redundancies as part of an internal restructuring process, and is also currently looking to sell its main office building in central London.

  • Bad science and bogus treatments
    Russian Government Drafts Bill To Fight AIDS Denial
    Radio Free Europe | 23 April 2018

    The Russian government has drafted legislation that would make it illegal to urge people not to seek treatment for AIDS or to deny the existence of HIV, the virus that causes the disease. The Health Ministry submitted the draft amendments to the State Duma on April 16.

  • Transgender people
    ‘Culturally competent’ transgender health care starts with clinicians
    Healio | 23 April 2018

    Infectious Disease News spoke with several experts about how to improve transgender care in the U.S. and what areas of research need to be scaled up. Experts said a lot can be done at the clinical level to make transgender patients feel more comfortable and to improve their access to care, including having appropriately trained staff.

  • Cancer
    HIV-Associated Cancers: A Paradigm Shift?
    Cancer Therapy Advisor | 23 April 2018

    An increasing number of patients with HIV now live long enough to get the “incidental” cancers seen in the general population. Yet these patients are also less likely to get the 3 cancers that once defined AIDS — Kaposi sarcoma, aggressive B-cell lymphoma, and invasive cervical cancer — which were frequently seen when the disease was first observed.

  • Treatment guidelines
    Latest DHHS Guidelines for Initial HIV Therapy Now Include 5 Choices — But Really 2 Are Best
    NEJM Journal Watch | 23 April 2018

    With the important caveat that what follows represents my opinion and not that of these or any other guidelines, one could easily argue that there are really two primary choices here, not five.

  • Global health initiatives
    A Diplomat’s Perspective on Use of Science and Evidence in Implementing PEPFAR
    Science & Diplomacy | 23 April 2018

    The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the largest international health program by one country devoted to a single disease—HIV/AIDS—changed the way diplomacy and health intersect in many parts of the world…. This is the story of the program’s creation and early implementation from the perspective of the US ambassador to Uganda, among the first countries on the continent to use data and evidence to describe, track, and treat HIV and AIDS patients through PEPFAR.

  • Global health initiatives
    Claims of sexual harassment and assault threaten UN agency
    The Lancet (requires free registration) | 23 April 2018

    The controversy over a high-profile investigation that examined allegations of sexual harassment and assault against a top official of UNAIDS has sent shockwaves throughout the international health community, as details emerge that the issue might have reached far more widely than official data indicate, in the midst of a culture of silence, intimidation, and fear.

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