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HIV infection and damage to the immune system can disrupt the ability of the body to keep infections under control and to stop some cancers from growing. Rates of some, but not all, cancers are higher in people living with HIV than other people.

Dose-adjusted chemotherapy regimen effective in Burkitt lymphoma trial

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European Pharmaceutical Review
28 May 2020

Immunotherapy Shows Promise for People With Advanced Anal Cancer

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Cancer Health
7 February 2020

Anal cancer rates and mortality have risen dramatically among Americans

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University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
20 November 2019

HIV infection worsens cancer outcomes among elderly

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2 August 2019

Breaking down HIV exclusions in cancer clinical trials

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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
10 June 2019

Should Gay Men Be Getting Anal Pap Smears?

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13 May 2019