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HIV infection and damage to the immune system can disrupt the ability of the body to keep infections under control and to stop some cancers from growing. Rates of some, but not all, cancers are higher in people living with HIV than other people.

Nivolumab Safe in Patients With HIV, Cancer Using ART

Editor's pick
American Journal of Managed Care
21 November 2023

Cancer and HIV

About HIV
October 2023

Adcetris Plus Chemo Effective in HIV-Related Hodgkin Lymphoma

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MedPage Today
7 August 2023

Women With HIV on Medicaid Have Higher Prevalence of Cervical, Anal Cancers

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American Journal of Managed Care
6 June 2023

Cases of Kaposi’s Sarcoma in people on effective ART

Editor's pick
8 February 2023