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Data on the spread and control of HIV in different parts of the world. Epidemiology is concerned with the frequency, patterns and determinants of infections and other health events in a population.

Late HIV Tied to Misclassifications in European Surveillance Efforts

Editor's pick
Medscape (requires free registration)
26 December 2022

UK: Reducing vertical HIV transmission: a story of success

Editor's pick
The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
13 December 2022

Pakistan's growing HIV epidemic

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The Lancet (requires free registration)
9 December 2022

UK: HIV transmission declining but progress slowed by pandemic

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UK Health Security Agency
1 December 2022

HIV in the UK

About HIV
December 2022

Patriarchy, Stigma and Inequality Are Slowing Down AIDS Response

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Health Policy Watch
30 November 2022

WHO/Europe and ECDC report reveals increasing numbers living with undiagnosed HIV in the Region

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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)
30 November 2022