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  • Salvage therapy drugs could reach Europe first

    Keith Alcorn | 05 March 2001

    Very rapid European approval of drugs for salvage therapy could be a reality by the end of this year, if proposals of a French working party are adopted by the ...

  • Tenofovir crisis appeal by European activists

    Keith Alcorn | 05 March 2001

    The European AIDS Treatment Group has appealed to Europe's medicines licensing body to speed up access to tenofovir, the nucleotide analogue under development by Gilead Sciences. The appeal follows a ...

  • STIs: more questions than answers

    Anna Poppa | 05 March 2001

    At Day 3 of the 8th Retroviruses Conference being held in Chicago yesterday, delegates focussed their attention on ‘structured treatment interruptions’ (STIs); the name given to supervised breaks in anti-HIV ...

  • ddI capsules: why the new dosing advice?

    Keith Alcorn | 05 March 2001

    The new capsule formulation of ddI, known as Videx EC, has run into unexpected problems over the dosing schedule after the Swedish drug licensing authority expressed concern over data that ...

  • Hep C limits immune recovery on HAART

    Keith Alcorn | 05 March 2001

    Swiss researchers have reported that hepatitis C co-infection significantly reduces the likelihood of a good CD4+ cell increase after starting HAART, although there was no difference between HCV-positive and HCV-negative ...

  • How good are new CD4 cells on HAART?

    Keith Alcorn | 05 March 2001

    The CD4+ cell responses seen in people who experience immune restoration on HAART appear to be just as good, if not better, than those of untreated people of an equivalent ...

  • Comprehensive Geneva conference summaries

    Anon | 05 March 2001

    Conference summaries for doctors, health care professionals, people with HIV and treatment advocates are proliferating with every AIDS conference. The most comprehensive summaries are produced by Healthcare Communications Group, which ...

  • Latest News from ICAAC

    Anon | 05 March 2001

    The 38th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy takes place from September 24-27 in San Diego. Comprehensive daily reports are available at href=""> each day. HIV highlights are likely ...

  • Resistance to ddI and d4T may be underestimated

    Keith Alcorn | 05 March 2001

    Virco, the developer of HIV resistance tests, has released data suggesting that levels of ddI and d4T resistance are being underestimated by current tests, and that reduced sensitivity to these ...

  • Are you being treated well?

    Anon | 05 March 2001

    A national survey of standards of clinical treatment for people with HIV is underway, organised by the Terrence Higgins Trust and the UK Coalition of People Living With HIV. The ...

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  • New and experimental hepatitis C treatment
    Idenix Shares Fall as J&J Buys Rival Hepatitis C Therapy
    Bloomberg | 08 October 2013

    J&J, the world’s largest seller of health-care products, bought rights to a compound from London-based GlaxoSmithKline Plc in a class of drugs called non-structural 5A protein inhibitors. That suggests J&J may be close to ending a partnership with Idenix on its hepatitis C therapies including the NS5a drug samatasvir, Brian Abrahams, an analyst with Wells Fargo & Co., said today in a note to clients.

  • New and experimental HIV treatments
    Viriom Reports Clinical Efficacy Data for VM-1500, a New HIV NNRTI
    Marketwired (press release) | 08 October 2013

    Dr. Vadim Bichko, Chief Scientific Officer of Viriom, presented positive interim results for a phase Ib/IIa study with VM-1500, a new HIV NNRTI (non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor), at the 15th Annual International Meeting of the Institute of Human Virology (held September 8-11, 2013, in Moscow, Russia).

  • The search for an HIV prevention vaccine
    HIV vaccines elicit immune response in infants
    Medical Xpress | 08 October 2013

    A new analysis of two HIV vaccine trials that involved pediatric patients shows that the investigational vaccines stimulated a critical immune response in infants born to HIV-infected mothers, researchers at Duke Medicine report.

  • New and experimental hepatitis C treatment
    Investigational interferon-free regimen demonstrates undetectable hepatitis C virus in all patients reaching end of treatment in ongoing Phase II trial
    Boehringer-Ingelheim press release | 08 October 2013

    This ongoing study evaluates a new 12-week interferon-free regimen of Boehringer Ingelheim’s protease inhibitor, faldaprevir*, and non-nucleoside NS5B polymerase inhibitor, deleobuvir*, in combination with Presidio’s pan-genotypic HCV NS5A inhibitor, PPI-668*, with and without ribavirin

  • New and experimental hepatitis C treatment
    Janssen Acquires Investigational NS5A Inhibitor for the Treatment of Hepatitis C from GlaxoSmithKline
    Janssen press release | 08 October 2013

    Janssen plans to initiate Phase 2 studies to evaluate the use of GSK2336805 in interferon-free combinations with the investigational protease inhibitor simeprevir (TMC435) and TMC647055, Janssen's non-nucleoside polymerase inhibitor, for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C in adult patients with compensated liver disease.

  • Retention and linkage to care
    Engagement in Care: A Final Frontier of HIV Medicine
    Treatment Action Group | 08 October 2013

    Getting more HIV-positive people linked to and retained in care requires innovation and research

  • Bad science and bogus treatments
    Circumcision: Cut to Fit
    Poz | 08 October 2013

    Major studies support circumcision as prevention in Africa but a small yet vocal group argues the science is flawed.

  • Malaria
    Malaria vaccine: Hopes rise for 2015 target after successful trials
    The Guardian | 08 October 2013

    Vaccine that nearly halved cases among children aged between five and seven months could save millions in worst-hit countries.

  • Hepatitis C treatment
    Health Department Announces Plan to Combat Hepatitis C
    New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (press release) | 08 October 2013

    The Health Department today released the City’s first-ever plan for reducing illness and death from the hepatitis C virus (HCV), a disease that now accounts for more annual deaths nationwide than HIV/AIDS. In Hepatitis C in New York City: State of the Epidemic and Action Plan, the Health Department calls for new efforts to expand testing for HCV and to ensure that all people with HCV infection are evaluated for treatment.

  • TB diagnosis
    A Rapid, Paper-Based Diagnostic Test for Tuberculosis
    Science Daily | 08 October 2013

    In a study published in the journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM), researchers in Taiwan describe a simple, color-based diagnostic approach with the potential to detect target DNA sequences found in TB-causing mycobacteria -- in just a fraction of the time required for established diagnostic tests.

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