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  • Finance and funding
    Opinion: The UK needs stronger political leadership — and investment — to fight AIDS
    Devex | 05 December 2017

    "The U.K. must increase its contributions to multilateral organizations working on the HIV response, including the Global Fund, UNAIDS, and UNITAID, if we are to meet the [Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)] target on AIDS. Beyond the financing, the U.K. also has a critical role to play in using its political leadership and global influence to promote and protect the rights of the groups at the greatest risk of being left behind."

  • Drug policy and policing
    Portugal’s radical drugs policy is working. Why hasn’t the world copied it?
    The Guardian | 05 December 2017

    The Long Read: Since it decriminalised all drugs in 2001, Portugal has seen dramatic drops in overdoses, HIV infection and drug-related crime.

  • Infectiousness and treatment as prevention
    Statement on behalf of the Council of Chief Medical Officers of Health
    Public Health Agency of Canada | 05 December 2017

    "Across studies to date, there have been no confirmed cases of sexually transmitted HIV to an HIV-negative partner when the HIV-positive partner was continuously on antiretroviral therapy (ART) with sustained viral suppression. We have known for some time that ART is critical for maintaining and improving the health of a person living with HIV. It has also become evident that when a person living with HIV is on ART, takes their medications consistently as prescribed and maintains a confirmed suppressed viral load, there is effectively no risk of their passing the infection on to their sex partners."

  • Harm reduction
    Harm reduction on a knife edge
    Drink & Drug News | 04 December 2017

    Disinvestment in harm reduction is hurting services and failing clients, say those struggling to maintain life-saving provision.

  • Pharmaceutical industry
    This Company Is About to Flood the US With Cheap HIV Drugs
    Bloomberg | 04 December 2017

    U.S. patents on key components for some important HIV therapies are poised to expire starting in December and Laurus Labs Ltd. -- the Hyderabad, India-based company which owns the facility -- is gearing up to cash in.

  • Infectiousness and treatment as prevention
    Undetectable = Untransmittable. So Why The Hell Isn’t That Catching On?
    Huffington Post | 04 December 2017

    One can’t help but wonder what role racism plays in the field’s apparent distrust of people with HIV. [They] have been knowing (and practising) viral suppression as a responsible and ethical prevention strategy for years, with limited support from their providers - sometimes facing stigma and discrimination as a result of this choice. It’s a travesty that it took this long for public health and the HIV field to catch up. And have we really? How many HIV and LGBTQ organizations have retrained their staff to make sure they understand the science?

  • The search for a cure
    HIV ‘cure’ based on one patient? Here’s what you need to know
    Health News Review | 04 December 2017

    Headlines today raise hope that a cancer drug could “cure” HIV infection. But this potential cure is based on results from just a single man whose reservoir of dormant HIV-infected cells went down after treatment with the cancer drug nivolumab.

  • Bad science and bogus treatments
    Russia’s HIV epidemic is fuelled by virus deniers, who think it’s all a Western hoax
    South China Morning Post | 04 December 2017

    Fewer than half of Russians with HIV are taking antiretroviral drugs, in part because of a conspiracy theory that the Aids-causing virus is a myth invented by the West, officials and activists say.

  • HIV prevention policy
    Why is HIV prevention among young women and girls not working? We have forgotten the men
    Daily Maverick | 04 December 2017

    Urgent action is needed on two fronts. The first is challenging and transforming harmful gender and social norms that discourage men from seeking health services and behaviours that increase the likelihood of HIV transmission to women and girls. The second is to ensure that health systems in general, and health service delivery specifically, are designed in a way that will meet men where they are with HIV-related services.

  • Policy
    Trump Marks World AIDS Day. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
    Poz | 04 December 2017

    Answers from the Twitterverse.

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