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  • People and personal stories
    An Open Letter to the Person Who Gave Me HIV
    Vice | 19 June 2019

    Every time I tell someone I’m positive, I think of you. Not in anger, or resentment, but of the things about you that make me smile.

  • Cardiovascular disease
    Efavirenz Dose Reduction Improves Lipid Profile in Adults With HIV-1
    Infectious Disease Advisor | 19 June 2019

    The researchers concluded that “a reduced dose of efavirenz (a 400 mg dose is now recommended as an alternative first-line regimen also by [World Health Organization] can lead to a significant decline in total cholesterol and LDL and should be used especially in patients with cardiovascular or metabolic comorbidities.”

  • Health services and systems
    For People With HIV, Health Coverage Is Improving
    Poz | 19 June 2019

    A new analysis finds that Obamacare has driven down the proportion of individuals without insurance.

  • Bad science and bogus treatments
    Low trust in vaccines 'a global crisis'
    BBC | 19 June 2019

    Public mistrust of vaccines means the world is taking a step backwards in the fight against deadly yet preventable infectious diseases, warn experts. A Wellcome Trust analysis includes responses from more than 140,000 people in over 140 countries. Eastern Europe was the world region most sceptical of vaccines, with only 50% of people confident vaccines were safe, with Western Europe in second place, at 59%. People in France were also among the most likely to disagree that vaccines were effective, at 19%, and to disagree that vaccines were important for children to have, at 10%. The World Health Organization lists vaccine hesitancy as one of the top 10 threats to global health.

  • Medical procedures and other blood-borne exposure
    The gay men breaking blood donation rules
    BBC News | 18 June 2019

    "It galls me every time I hear an advert on the radio asking for people to give blood, when there's a huge section of society that is just denied that for no good reason," says David - not his real name. He is a sexually active gay man who donates blood to the NHS several times a year.

  • Confidentiality, consent and medical ethics
    HIV patients hit by NHS Highland email privacy breach
    BBC News | 18 June 2019

    The email addresses of almost 40 people who have HIV have been made public by mistake. It is understood the 37 patients in the Highlands were able to see their own and the others people's addresses in an email from NHS Highland.

  • Government, leadership and policy
    Ukraine: government to fund publicly procured HIV services
    UNAIDS | 18 June 2019

    Ukraine has announced that it is to allocate $16 million to the country’s AIDS response for 2019-20, which will sustain and expand HIV prevention and support services for key populations as well as care and support services for people living with HIV.

  • HIV and criminal law
    Statement: Response To Justice Committee’s Report On The Criminalization Of People Living With HIV
    Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network | 18 June 2019

    Today the House of Commons Standing Committee of Justice and Human Rights has released its report “The Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure in Canada.” The report contains several important recommendations to limit the broad, unscientific and unjust use of the criminal law against people living with HIV. We welcome many of the conclusions in this report. Now concrete action must follow.

  • PrEP policies and guidelines
    USPSTF Recommendation for PrEP: Reflections on Insurance Coverage and HIV Prevention for Older Adults
    O'Neill Institute | 17 June 2019

    An “A” letter grade indicates that the panel recommends the service and finds there is high certainty that the service has a substantial net benefit. This recommendation will help improve access to PrEP by urging health care providers to offer PrEP to people at risk for HIV. It will also trigger statutory coverage requirements for health plans and create other opportunities for making PrEP more affordable.

  • Confidentiality, consent and medical ethics
    Ex-nurse accused of raping woman loses appeal over HIV test
    Associated Press | 17 June 2019

    A former nurse charged with raping and impregnating an incapacitated patient at a long-term care center in Phoenix has lost his appeal of a court order requiring a test to determine if he has HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.

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