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  • Condoms and lubricant
    India bans condom adverts during primetime TV
    The Guardian | 12 December 2017

    Move is aimed at protecting children but campaigner warns it could undo decades of progress on sexual health.

  • Health problems
    New Survey Finds People Living With HIV With Diarrhea Often Suffer in Silence
    Napo Pharmaceuticals press release | 12 December 2017

    The survey shows diarrhea remains prevalent in those living with HIV/AIDS, as 27 percent of respondents living with HIV/AIDS reported that they currently have diarrhea, while 56 percent reported that they have had diarrhea in the past. In addition, 79 percent of those with diarrhea reported having diarrhea for more than a year, and 61 percent reported having diarrhea for more than five years.

  • Recreational drug use
    Sex, Drugs, And Illness: How Chemsex Is Harming India's Gay Men
    Buzzfeed | 12 December 2017

    The drugs transported me to a world where stigma, stereotyping, abuse, shame, and bullying didn’t exist. But eventually they left me shameful, depressed, and terrified of disease.

  • The search for a cure
    The challenge of defining an HIV cure
    Positively Aware | 12 December 2017

    What does a cure for HIV infection look like? It sounds like a simple question, but because of the way the virus can persist in the body, there are significant challenges associated with trying to define if a cure might have been achieved. As the research effort to develop a safe, effective, broadly accessible HIV cure expands, the issue of how to measure success remains central, and is important to understand.

  • PrEP
    Brazil Fights HIV Spike in Youths With Free Preventive Drug
    New York Times | 12 December 2017

    The Brazilian Health Ministry is paying Gilead Sciences, the American manufacturer of the drug, about 75 cents a dose, a fraction of the price users pay in the United States, where PrEP sells for upward of $1,600 for a month’s supply.

  • Employment
    A British Man Has Been Prevented From Becoming An Airline Pilot Because He Has HIV
    BuzzFeed | 11 December 2017

    Britain's Civil Aviation Authority has blocked a man from Glasgow from pursuing his ambition of flying planes. "It's destroyed a boyhood dream," he told BuzzFeed News.

  • Prisoners
    Blood-borne viruses in prison: guidelines launched for prevention, testing and treatment
    NAT | 11 December 2017

    NAT (National AIDS Trust) has issued new guidelines to boost efforts to prevent, diagnose and treat blood-borne viruses (BBVs) in prisons. Prevalence of BBVs such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are four times higher amongst people in prisons than in the general population. Hepatitis accounts for 93% of viral infections reported in prisons.

  • Finance and funding
    Australian Labor party commits to $53m plan to 'make HIV history'
    Sydney Morning Herald | 11 December 2017

    People at high risk of HIV would be given cheap access to a breakthrough preventative medicine under a federal Labor plan to make Australia the first nation in the world to win the fight against the virus that causes AIDS. The opposition's $53 million plan would dramatically expand state trials of the drug PrEP until it is approved for a federal subsidy, increase funding for HIV peak bodies and tackle rising transmission rates in Aboriginal communities.

  • Relationships and feelings
    Ruthless ‘Google search’ style dating encourages racism | 11 December 2017

    WHEN it comes to hook-ups, it seems people just want to get straight to the point. The freedom to be picky is one of the many attractions of signing up to apps like Grindr and Tinder but in this world of ruthless judgment, there’s not much room for hurt feelings. Unlike dating in the real world, judging on appearances and listing preferences is encouraged, inhibitions are shed and it’s easy to think anything goes.

  • Microbicides
    Do HIV-Preventing Microbicides Have a Future in the Age of PrEP?
    Poz | 11 December 2017

    Courting controversy, the NIH considers a shift away from the development of new vaginal or rectal-based HIV prevention products.

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