U=U T-shirt making: fixing HIV stigma a stitch at a time

Angelina Namiba from the 4M Mentor Mothers Network shows NAM aidsmap's Susan Cole how to create U=U t-shirts. This video is part of our HIV stigma project for Black women with HIV in collaboration with 4M, funded by Fast-Track Cities London.

To make the U=U lovingly hand stitched t-shirt you will need:

  • A t-shirt 
  • African fabric
  • Different coloured thread (to match African fabric)
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • scissors
  • Prototype U and =


  • Place the prototype U and = on top of a piece of African fabric
  • Cut out the shapes
  • Sew/stitch the edges of the letters and the = sign to make them look nice and neat
  • Neatly place the letters and = sign on a t-shirt 
  • Use back stitch (leaving a bit of space in between each stitch), to sew the letters onto the t-shirt