HIV news

Leading HIV scientists talk to us about the findings and implications of their latest research.

HIV criminalisation in Tennessee

12 September 2022

Dr Robin Lennon-Dearing from the University of Memphis talks to Mariah Wilberg about HIV criminalisation in Tennessee.

AIDS 2022: Intimate partner violence

2 August 2022

At AIDS 2022, Professor Lucie Cluver from the University of Cape Town talks to NAM's Roger Pebody about violence and HIV.

AIDS 2022: HIV remission after a stem cell transplant

2 August 2022

At AIDS 2022, Dr Jana Dickter talks about the 'City of Hope patient', a man from California who appears to have been cured of HIV after a stem cell transplant.

AIDS 2022: Antibiotics to prevent STIs

1 August 2022

At AIDS 2022, Professor Annie Luetkemeyer and Professor Connie Celum talk about taking antibiotics (doxycycline) to prevent STIs.

AIDS 2022: 15 years post-treatment control of HIV

1 August 2022

At AIDS 2022, Dr Núria Climent & Dr José Alcamí from Hospital Clínic de Barcelona talk about a woman in Barcelona who has maintained an undetectable HIV viral load for more than 15 years after stopping antiretroviral therapy.

BHIVA 2022: Loss to follow-up

29 April 2022

At the British HIV Association (BHIVA) conference, Dr Kate Childs from King's College Hospital, London talks to NAM aidsmap's Roger Pebody about the study she presented on loss to follow-up in south London clinics.

CROI 2022: Anal cancer

18 February 2022

At CROI 2022, Professor Joel Palefsky from the University of California San Francisco talks about the ANCHOR trial, which has showed that screening and early treatment reduces anal cancer in people with HIV.

CROI 2022: Antibody treatment for children

17 February 2022

Dr Roger Shapiro from Harvard University talks about antibody treatment for children with HIV and could it be used instead of pills at CROI 2022.

CROI 2022: HIV remission after transplant

17 February 2022

At CROI 2022, Professor Yvonne Bryson from the University of California Los Angeles talks about the woman in New York who has no detectable HIV 14 months after stopping antiretroviral therapy following a stem-cell transplant for leukaemia.

EACS 2021: Access to care in the pandemic

12 November 2021

Elena Vovc from the World Health Organization talks about the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has impacted HIV diagnoses, treatment and prevention. Elena presented these findings at a session at the EACS 2021 conference.

EACS 2021: COVID-19 vaccinations

2 November 2021

A new study shows that people with HIV with CD4 counts below 200 produce weaker responses to COVID-19 vaccines than people with better immune function. Dr Andrea Antinori of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases, Italy, talks about the research presented to the EACS 2021 conference.

IAS 2021: Closing session, Keynote address – Susan Cole

27 July 2021

NAM aidsmap's Susan Cole gives the keynote address of the closing session of the IAS 2021 conference: 'How do we continue to unite policy, science and activism in an increasingly fragmented world?'

IAS 2021: Providing injectable HIV treatment

27 July 2021

At IAS 2021, Dr Maggie Czarnogorski of ViiV Healthcare talks about providing injectable HIV treatment.

IAS 2021: Vaginal rings and oral PrEP

27 July 2021

Dr Lulu Nair of Stellenbosch University in Cape Town talks about vaginal rings and oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) at IAS 2021.

IAS 2021: COVID-19 in people with HIV

23 July 2021

Dr Silvia Bertagnolio of the World Health Organization talks about COVID-19 in people living with HIV at IAS 2021.

IAS 2021: Injectable treatment for multidrug-resistant HIV

23 July 2021

Professor Jean-Michel Molina of Hôpital Saint-Louis in Paris talks about injectable lenacapavir, a capsid inhibitor currently under development, for people with multidrug-resistant HIV at IAS 2021.

IAS 2021: Injectable lenacapavir for people starting HIV treatment

23 July 2021

At IAS 2021, Professor Samir Gupta of Indiana University talks about lenacapavir, an experimental capsid inhibitor, for people starting HIV treatment.

Vaginal ring – Dr Zeda Rosenberg

30 July 2020

A vaginal ring containing the anti-HIV medication dapivirine provides a new HIV prevention option for women. Dr Zeda Rosenburg from the International Partnership for Microbicides tells us about the ring being approved by regulators and plans for its roll-out in sub-Saharan Africa.

AIDS 2020: Brazilian man in long-term HIV remission – without a stem-cell transplant

7 July 2020

According to a report presented at the AIDS 2020 conference, a man in São Paulo had no evidence of remaining HIV after more than 15 months off antiretrovirals. Dr Andrea Savarino from the Instituto Superiore di Sanita in Rome talks to NAM aidsmap.

IAS 2017: HIV Community Forum

23 August 2017

Our HIV Community Forum shared information on HIV treatment and prevention from the 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science. With Dr Tristan Barber, from Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust; Memory Sachikonye, from UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB); and Gus Cairns and Roger Pebody, from NAM aidsmap.