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Alcohol can damage the liver which plays an important role in how the body processes anti-HIV medication. Drinking alcohol may be more harmful for people with HIV than for HIV-negative people.

How can we support LGBTQ+ people to access alcohol services?

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Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems
9 June 2022

Effectiveness of naltrexone treatment for alcohol use disorders in HIV

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Drug & Alcohol Findings
21 October 2020

Latent Tuberculosis Associated With Higher Alcohol Use in Adults With HIV

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Infectious Disease Advisor
5 June 2020

Heavy drinking and HIV don't mix, study finds

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Science Daily
23 August 2019

Increasing Alcohol Consumption Linked to Worsening HIV Severity

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Medscape (requires free registration)
12 May 2019

Sexual minorities more likely to suffer severe substance use disorders

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Eurekalert Medicine & Health
15 January 2019

What do we know about reducing alcohol-related harm among gay and bisexual men?

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Drug & Alcohol Findings
20 September 2018