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This section covers sexual health issues that go beyond HIV prevention, including the prevention and treatment of other sexually transmitted infections, contraception, sexual problems and relationship issues.

CDC Reports Five Cases of Ocular Monkeypox

Editor's pick
Medscape (requires free registration)
18 October 2022

BHIVA rapid guidance on monkeypox virus

Editor's pick
British HIV Association
14 October 2022

Monkeypox - call for action from the UK's sexual health sector

Editor's pick
British HIV Association (BHIVA)
7 October 2022

How a Danish Company Grabbed Control of the Monkeypox Vaccine

Editor's pick
The American Prospect
30 September 2022

Second vaccine doses to be offered to those at highest risk from monkeypox

Editor's pick
UK Health Security Agency
26 September 2022

What do healthcare workers really think of mHealth?

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Be In The Know
23 September 2022

A Monkeypox Update From Clinicians on the Front Lines

Editor's pick
20 September 2022