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Experimental strategies which we hope will one day lead us towards an effective vaccine, a functional cure or eradication of HIV. Also includes information about the biology and basic science of HIV.

UCSF HIV Lab Planning to Close

Editor's pick
The Scientist
6 December 2018

Patients with rare natural ability to suppress HIV shed light on potential functional cure

Editor's pick
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
27 November 2018

Persistent HIV infection works a lot like cancer, study shows

Editor's pick
Fred Hutch News Service
20 November 2018

HIV latency differs across tissues in the body

Editor's pick
EurekAlert (press release)
16 November 2018

‘Fear overcome by love’: why I participated in HIV cure research

Editor's pick
Journal of Virus Eradication
22 October 2018

Second case of potential HIV eradication

Editor's pick
HIV i-Base
22 October 2018