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Broadcasts and digital media with information, news and discussion about HIV.

CROI 2024: HIV remission in children

11 March 2024

At CROI 2024, Professor Deborah Persaud from Johns Hopkins University spoke to aidsmap's Roger Pebody about her study on HIV remission in children.

aidsmapLIVE: IAS 2023 special

10 August 2023

With activist Mercy Shibemba; Communications Director at UNAIDS, Ben Phillips; 'London patient' Adam Castillejo; HIV consultant Dr Laura Waters; and writer Gus Cairns. 

IAS 2023: HIV remission after a stem cell transplant

25 July 2023

At IAS 2023, Dr Asier Sáez-Cirión from the Institut Pasteur spoke to NAM aidsmap's Roger Pebody about HIV remission after a stem cell transplant. 

aidsmapLIVE: AIDS 2022 special

8 August 2022

With Dr Meg Doherty from the World Health Organization; Professor Linda-Gail Bekker from the Desmond Tutu Health Foundation; Dr Laura Waters from the British HIV Association; Florence Anam from the Global Network of People living with HIV; and Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of UNAIDS.

AIDS 2022: HIV remission after a stem cell transplant

2 August 2022

At AIDS 2022, Dr Jana Dickter talks about the 'City of Hope patient', a man from California who appears to have been cured of HIV after a stem cell transplant.

AIDS 2022: 15 years post-treatment control of HIV

1 August 2022

At AIDS 2022, Dr Núria Climent & Dr José Alcamí from Hospital Clínic de Barcelona talk about a woman in Barcelona who has maintained an undetectable HIV viral load for more than 15 years after stopping antiretroviral therapy.

CROI 2022: HIV remission after transplant

17 February 2022

At CROI 2022, Professor Yvonne Bryson from the University of California Los Angeles talks about the woman in New York who has no detectable HIV 14 months after stopping antiretroviral therapy following a stem-cell transplant for leukaemia.

aidsmapCHAT: series 3, episode 3

3 December 2020

With Dr Tristan Barber from the Royal Free Hospital, doctor and radio host Sindi van Zyl and 'London patient' Adam Castillejo, who has been cured of HIV.

AIDS 2020: Brazilian man in long-term HIV remission – without a stem-cell transplant

7 July 2020

According to a report presented at the AIDS 2020 conference, a man in São Paulo had no evidence of remaining HIV after more than 15 months off antiretrovirals. Dr Andrea Savarino from the Instituto Superiore di Sanita in Rome talks to NAM aidsmap.