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HIV Patients at Risk for Autoimmune Diseases

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MedPage Today
15 September 2016

Taiwan drops ban on HIV-positive entrants

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Taipei Times
21 January 2015

Taiwan: Restrictions on foreign HIV patients canceled

Editor's pick
China Post
11 April 2014

New Study Shows Smoking Tobacco Doubles Risk of Recurrent Tuberculosis

Editor's pick
International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
24 March 2014

A Rapid, Paper-Based Diagnostic Test for Tuberculosis

Editor's pick
Science Daily
8 October 2013

Hepatitis B Vaccination Cuts Deaths From Liver Disease, Cancer: Study

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U.S. News & World Report
4 September 2013

Taiwan: Six people infected with HIV each day: CDC

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China Post
14 August 2013

New Thai-Taiwanese Syndrome Is Not AIDS 2.0

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Daily Beast
28 August 2012