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Treatment is recommended for all people living with HIV. It involves taking a combination of antiretroviral drugs. This stops the virus from replicating and allows the immune system to strengthen and fight infections.

Early Antiretroviral Therapy Safe for Kidney Health

Editor's pick
American Journal of Managed Care
13 May 2024

New Once-Daily HIV Oral Alternative Advances

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Medscape (requires free registration)
9 March 2024

New report documents increase in HIV drug resistance to dolutegravir

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World Health Organization
6 March 2024

FDA Expands Indication for Biktarvy to for Resistant HIV

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Infectious Disease Special Edition
1 March 2024

Doravirine Therapy for HIV Safe, Maintains Long-Term Virologic Suppression

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Infectious Disease Advisor
12 February 2024

Exploring Sex-Specific Features of HIV

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Johns Hopkins Medicine
9 February 2024