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Data on the spread and control of HIV in different parts of the world. Epidemiology is concerned with the frequency, patterns and determinants of infections and other health events in a population.

San Francisco HIV cases fell by 19% in 2019

Editor's pick
Bay Area Reporter
11 September 2020

South Africa has reason to celebrate drop in AIDS-related deaths

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University of Cape Town
13 July 2020

10 Lessons from HIV for the COVID-19 Response

Editor's pick
Open Society Foundations
24 June 2020

High HIV incidence rate among young, Latinx trans women in SF study

Editor's pick
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
29 May 2020

US: Trends in HIV-2 Diagnosis and Use of Differentiation Tests

Editor's pick
Infectious Disease Advisor
3 March 2020

Unrecognized HIV crisis in Latinx community revealed by new report

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San Francisco AIDS Foundation
4 February 2020