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Activism, interventions, programmes and social changes that challenge or reduce stigma towards people living with HIV. See also our section on Experiences of stigma.

GLAAD 2023 State of HIV Stigma Report

Editor's pick
6 September 2023

Measures to fight stigma against HIV

Editor's pick
European Economic and Social Committee
4 July 2023

HIV and Weight Stigma

Editor's pick
Infectious Disease Special Edition
19 June 2023

Words matter: How researchers can avoid stigmatizing language

Editor's pick
Arizona State University
31 May 2023

Thousands to take to the streets to fight HIV stigma

Editor's pick
Terrence Higgins Trust
17 March 2023

Silence Will Not Save You

Editor's pick
23 February 2023

GLAAD 2022 State of HIV Stigma Report

Editor's pick
1 December 2022