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  • What is stigma?

    Stigma means different things to different people. This is one dictionary’s definition: “The shame or disgrace attached to something regarded as socially unacceptable. There may be a...

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  • Other people’s stories

    There are also some websites in which people with HIV have written first-hand accounts of their experiences and feelings. On other websites, you can watch videos of...

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  • HIV, stigma and discrimination

    This booklet provides information on HIV stigma and discrimination and how to tackle them. ...

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  • The negative impact on public health

    In recent years a number of organisations have published papers, monographs and policy documents highlighting ways in which using the criminal law to address potential or actual...

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  • Aging is not a disease. It’s time we stop treating it that way

    In honor of National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day, held this year on September 18, BETA invited HIV clinician and geriatrician Meredith Greene, MD, to share her perspective on HIV, health and ageism—and what we all can do to overcome the negative effects of age discrimination in our own lives.

    19 September 2017 | BETA blog
  • Australia On The 'Cusp' Of Realising Ambitious HIV Goals

    Australia's current National HIV Strategy is to virtually end HIV transmissions by 2020 and to achieve a '90:90:90' goal to contain the epidemic. But people living with HIV continue to deal with stigma and discrimination.

    06 September 2017 | Huffington Post
  • DaddyBear App Hooks Up Gay Men 'Not Living With HIV'

    "The entire concept of the DaddyBear dating app ... is pathetic and hilarious," Mark S. King writes. "Their stated position on the HIV status of those daddies and bears, however, is frightening."

    06 September 2017 | The Body
  • Older Adults With HIV: An Overlooked Population?

    When it comes to HIV prevention and treatment, there is a growing population that is being overlooked — older adults — and implicit ageism is partially responsible for this neglect, according to a presentation at the 125th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.

    21 August 2017 | American Psychological Association
  • Insurer Denies Truvada Due to ‘High Risk Homosexual Behavior’

    Discrimination against LGBT people is often once-removed, shielded under double-speak and fraudulent intentions. So, it’s refreshing, really, when a company comes right out and says in black and white that gay men aren’t worthy of the same protections as everyone else.

    03 August 2017 | My Fabulous Disease
  • The Real Conversations of Grindr

    Real-life exchanges from mobile dating app Grindr are at the centre of a powerful new awareness campaign spotlighting HIV stigma and its effects on the LGBTI+ community.

    09 June 2017 | You Tube / HIV Foundation Queensland
  • Thailand: Woman wrongly diagnosed with HIV 15 years ago seeks to sue

    A 23-year-old woman whose blood test showed that she is free from HIV disease is taking legal action against a hospital that diagnosed her with the disease 15 years ago.

    05 June 2017 | The Star Online
  • Gay man 'refused entry to LGBT club because he had HIV medication on him'

    The incident has now led to two of Britain’s biggest HIV charities to call on bars and clubs to ensure staff are aware of such medication so they deal with it sensitively.

    05 June 2017 | Metro
  • Korea Should Get Real on HIV

    The Korean government considers people living with HIV morally unfit to teach English and medically unfit to receive government scholarships to study at Korean universities. But the UN and governments around the world have long recognized that such policies are unjustified on any sort of health or human rights grounds. In such an economically and scientifically advanced country, this is an astonishing reminder that in some respects Korea still needs to catch up with the rest of the world. 

    05 May 2017 | Human Rights Watch Health
  • Perceptions of Masculinity Influence HIV Stigma in Nigeria

    A recent study has found that the extent to which males meet cultural ideals of masculinity in Nigeria can impact the extent of stigma they experience. The study involved extensive interviewing of 17 heterosexual men with HIV in Nigeria, all of whom were being treated with antiretroviral therapy.

    28 February 2017 | Naija 247
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Community Consensus Statement on Access to HIV Treatment and its Use for Prevention

Together, we can make it happen

We can end HIV soon if people have equal access to HIV drugs as treatment and as PrEP, and have free choice over whether to take them.

Launched today, the Community Consensus Statement is a basic set of principles aimed at making sure that happens.

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