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Treatment is recommended for all people living with HIV. It involves taking a combination of antiretroviral drugs. This stops the virus from replicating and allows the immune system to strengthen and fight infections.

Uptick in Statin Use After Descovy in HIV PrEP

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Medscape (requires free registration)
9 March 2020

Coronavirus puts drug repurposing on the fast track

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Nature Biotechnology
2 March 2020

Embracing Life: women aging with HIV

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25 February 2020

China trials anti-HIV drug on coronavirus patients

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The Guardian
8 February 2020

Flu and HIV Drugs Show Efficacy Against Coronavirus

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The Scientist
5 February 2020

How HIV develops resistance to key drugs discovered

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31 January 2020

TreatmentUpdate: weight gain

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28 January 2020

NIH-Supported Scientists Reverse HIV and SIV Latency in Two Animal Models

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National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
23 January 2020