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Treatment is recommended for all people living with HIV. It involves taking a combination of antiretroviral drugs. This stops the virus from replicating and allows the immune system to strengthen and fight infections.

Antibody-Based HIV Tx Proves Durable

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MedPage Today
10 October 2017

HIV Regimen Switch May Contribute to Weight Gain

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Monthly Prescribing Reference
9 October 2017

Progress in fighting HIV 'could save lung cancer victims too'

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Evening Standard
2 October 2017

UNC researchers identify a new HIV reservoir

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UNC press release
25 September 2017

Immune 'Cocktails' Likely Needed in HIV

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MedPage Today HIV/AIDS
21 September 2017

Chronic pain common in people living with HIV

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14 September 2017

Who Resists Starting ART Therapy for HIV?

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MD Mag
7 September 2017