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Broadcasts and digital media with information, news and discussion about HIV.

aidsmapLIVE: HIV and ageing

1 November 2023

With HIV activist and older LGBT people's group chair Maurice Greenham; Head of HIV services at Africa Advocacy Foundation and GROWS Co-ordinator at Sophia Forum, Juddy Otti; Communications officer at the British HIV Association, Jo Josh; Dr Giovanni Guaraldi from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia; and Marc Thompson from The Love Tank.

aidsmapLIVE: HIV and maximising your health

12 September 2023

With Dr Tristan Barber from the Royal Free Hospital; nursing associate and HIV activist, Leasuwanna Griffith; Jack Summerside from Positive East; Angelina Namiba from the 4M Network of Mentor Mothers; and Michelle Bockor from Positively UK.

Susan Cole talks about weight gain and HIV treatment

7 November 2022

Starting anti-HIV treatment improves your health, suppresses HIV and helps to strengthen your immune system. But treatment can also cause side effects, including weight gain.

Tips for looking after your mental health and emotional wellbeing

10 October 2022

Being diagnosed and living with HIV might have a big emotional impact on you. It's important to know that it's completely normal to have feelings that you might find difficult.

Quality of life – HIV stigma project

6 July 2022

Rebecca Mbewe and Estelle Duncan from the 4M Mentor Mothers Network talk to NAM aidsmap's Susan Cole about quality of life when you're living with HIV.

aidsmapLIVE: HIV & your best health

4 July 2022

With Dr Shema Tariq, researcher and HIV consultant at University College London and Mortimer Market Centre; Joshua Wharton from George House Trust; Angelina Namiba from the 4M Network; long-term HIV survivor and campaigner George Hodson; and Dr Charles Mazhude, consultant HIV/genitourinary physician at University Hospital Lewisham.

Positive Fitness: an online fitness class for people living with HIV

26 May 2022

Positive Fitness is an online exercise class designed to support people living with HIV to get fit and stay active.

aidsmapLIVE: Decades of HIV

28 February 2022

With Dr Tristan Barber, HIV doctor at The Royal Free Hospital with expertise in ageing issues; Jo Josh, communications adviser at the British HIV Association; Rebecca Mbewe, co-director of the 4M Mentor Mothers Network; and campaigner Richard Desmond, who has been living with HIV since 1985.

Dr Vanessa Apea talks about COVID-19 vaccines for people with HIV

17 December 2021

Dr Vanessa Apea, consultant in sexual health and HIV medicine, talks about the importance of COVID-19 vaccinations.

EACS 2021: COVID-19 vaccinations

2 November 2021

A new study shows that people with HIV with CD4 counts below 200 produce weaker responses to COVID-19 vaccines than people with better immune function. Dr Andrea Antinori of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases, Italy, talks about the research presented to the EACS 2021 conference.

aidsmapWOMEN: Resilience of women with HIV

25 February 2021

NAM's Susan Cole talks to four women about the resilience of women living with HIV: Angelina Namiba from 4M Network of Mentor Mothers living with HIV; Memory Sachikonye from UK-CAB;  Silvia Petretti, CEO of Positively UK; and Dr Vanessa Apea, an HIV and sexual health consultant at Barts Hospital in London.

aidsmapCHAT: series 3, episode 5

28 January 2021

With writer at TheBody, Juan Michael Porter II; researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and EATG member, Maryan Said; and former BHIVA Chair and President Elect of the Medical Women's Federation, Professor Chloe Orkin.

aidsmapLIVE: COVID-19 vaccines

17 December 2020

With sexual health and HIV consultants, Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan and Dr Vanessa Apea; House Of Rainbow founding Pastor, Rev Jide Macaulay; and activist Mercy Shibemba.

aidsmapWOMEN: Taking care of your health/COVID-19 special

15 October 2020

NAM's Susan Cole talks to four women about the health issues women with HIV are experiencing during COVID-19: Mercy Shibemba, an award-winning youth HIV activist; Rebecca Mbewe, a speaker, trainer and mentor living with HIV for the past 23 years; Janine McGregor-Read, a peer navigator based at Homerton Hospital living with HIV for the past 30 years; and Dr Vanessa Apea, an HIV and sexual health consultant at Barts Hospital in London.

aidsmapLIVE: A long life with HIV

1 October 2020

With writer and activist, Bob Leahy; trans writer and campaigner, Juno Roche; HIV advocate and treatment rights campaigner, Winnie Ssanyu Sseruma; HIV doctor at The Royal Free Hospital with expertise in ageing issues, Dr Tristan Barber; and NAM's Executive Director, Matthew Hodson.

aidsmapWOMEN: Emotional wellbeing/COVID-19 special

11 June 2020

NAM's Susan Cole talks to four women about emotional wellbeing and COVID-19: Fungai Murau, a consultant, researcher and advocate for women and young people with HIV; Jo Josh, Communications Officer for the British HIV Association; Charity Nyirenda, an HIV activist, advocate and peer mentor for women living with HIV; and Dr Vanessa Apea, an HIV and sexual health consultant at a London teaching hospital.

aidsmapLIVE: HIV & mental health

20 August 2019

With HIV and sexual health consultants, Dr Tristan Barber and Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan; researcher, writer and poet, Bakita Kasadha; HIV and LGBTQ activist and campaigner, Alex Causton-Ronaldson; and researcher and Make a Difference Trust trustee, Dr John Forni.