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Broadcasts and digital media with information, news and discussion about HIV.

EACS 2023: Conference highlights

22 October 2023

At EACS 2023, we asked Professor Jürgen Rockstroh from the governing board of the European AIDS Clinical Society, about his highlights from the conference.

Susan Cole talks about weight gain and HIV treatment

7 November 2022

Starting anti-HIV treatment improves your health, suppresses HIV and helps to strengthen your immune system. But treatment can also cause side effects, including weight gain.

Fungai Murau on weight gain in women with HIV – GROWS project

22 April 2022

Fungai Murau talks to Susan Cole about weight gain in women with HIV in this video we've produced with the Sophia Forum, Positively UK and UCL Institute for Global Health.

aidsmapLIVE: AIDS 2020 special

9 July 2020

With Chair of the British HIV Association, Dr Laura Waters; Deputy Director of the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre, Professor Linda-Gail Bekker; AIDS 2020 plenary speaker and Positive Young Women Voices team leader, Lucy Wanjiku Njenga; and NAM aidsmap Editor, Gus Cairns.