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Broadcasts and digital media with information, news and discussion about HIV.

CROI 2024: DoxyPEP

13 March 2024

At CROI 2024, Dr Manik Kohli from University College London spoke to aidsmap's Krishen Samuel about doxyPEP implementation and concerns about resistance.

CROI 2023: DoxyPEP and resistance

22 February 2023

At CROI 2023, Professor Annie Luetkemeyer from the University of California, San Francisco spoke with Liz Highleyman about doxyPEP and resistance.

CROI 2023: DoxyPEP for women

21 February 2023

At CROI 2023, Dr Jenell Stewart from the University of Washington spoke to NAM's Roger Pebody about doxyPEP for women.

AIDS 2022: Antibiotics to prevent STIs

1 August 2022

At AIDS 2022, Professor Annie Luetkemeyer and Professor Connie Celum talk about taking antibiotics (doxycycline) to prevent STIs.