Health & Power

Our monthly broadcast for people of colour focusing on health inequalities.

Health & Power: January 2024

15 January 2024

With Professor Samuel Seidu from the University of Leicester and Rianna Raymond-Williams from the Impact on Urban Health, who is also a PhD student in sexual health.

Health & Power: November 2023

20 November 2023

With Rebecca Mbewe, Research Assistant with the SHARE collaborative at Queen Mary University of London; and Esther Armah, CEO of The Armah Institute of Emotional Justice.

Health & Power: October 2023

23 October 2023

With sexual health and HIV consultant at Barts Health NHS Trust, Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan; and consultant haematologist and lecturer at Imperial College London, Dr Steven Okoli.

Health & Power: September 2023

25 September 2023

With the Director of Red Ribbon Living Well CIC, Husseina Hamza, and podcast host and disability advocate, Roxy Murray.

Health & Power: August 2023

21 August 2023

With the Chair of the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV's Racially Minoritised Communities Group, Dwayne-Wilson Hunt; and medical student and host of the Very Junior Doctors podcast, Naabil Khan.

Health & Power: July 2023

31 July 2023

With author, publisher and specialist speaker on sickle cell, Jenica Leah; and global health policy expert, Ade Adeyemi.

Health & Power: June 2023

19 June 2023

With Dr Shema Tariq from the UCL Institute for Global Health and Denis Onyango from Africa Advocacy Foundation.

Health & Power: May 2023

22 May 2023

With oncologist at the Barts Cancer Institute, Dr Jessica Okosun, and community sexual and reproductive health registrar and author of Divided, Dr Annabel Sowemimo.

Health & Power: April 2023

18 April 2023

With Dr Halima Begum, chief executive of Runnymede, and Harvey Kennedy-Pitt, chief executive of Black Beetle Health.

Health & Power: March 2023

23 March 2023

With writer, psychologist and Terrence Higgins Trust Trustee, Yomi Olusunle, and researcher and Chair of the Caribbean and African Health Network, Dr Faye Bruce.

Health & Power: February 2023

27 February 2023

With Charles Kwaku-Odai from the Caribbean and African Health Network, and Dr Christine Ekechi from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Health & Power: January 2023

30 January 2023

With Public Health Director for London from the UK Health Security Agency, Professor Kevin Fenton and Professor Bola Owolabi, Director of Healthcare Inequalities at NHS England.