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Diabetes is a disease in which levels of blood glucose are too high. Rates of type 2 diabetes are higher in people living with HIV than in the general population.

Can an HIV Drug Help Prevent Diabetes?

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American Journal of Managed Care
13 October 2020

HIV drugs could prevent diabetes, study suggests

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24 September 2020

Switching to Raltegravir or Dolutegravir Improves Leptin and Insulin in HIV

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Infectious Disease Advisor
27 February 2019

As Waistlines Increase, Diabetes Sets In In Tanzania

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Health Policy Watch
16 January 2019

Rising Incidence of Diabetes in Adults With HIV on Antiretroviral Therapy

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Infectious Disease Advisor
27 March 2018

Long-Term Treated HIV No Defense Against Diabetes Risk

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The Body Pro
6 March 2018