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In high-income countries, exclusive bottle feeding with formula milk is recommended for mothers with HIV. In low-income countries (where clean water is not always available), breastfeeding is recommended for all mothers.

Why U=U does not cover breastfeeding

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HIV i-Base
11 November 2018

Women With HIV Breast-feed in Secret

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Medscape (requires free registration)
8 November 2017

Breast-feeding by Women With HIV Disputed

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Medscape (free registration required)
25 September 2017

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Use by Breastfeeding HIV-Uninfected Women

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29 September 2016

Breast Is Best, But Not in Swaziland

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Inter Press Service
7 January 2014

Strong impact of weaning on HIV levels in breastmilk: Lusaka study

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International AIDS Society
22 April 2013

Bottle-Feeding Urged for US Moms with HIV

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MedPage Today
28 January 2013

KENYA: Exclusive breastfeeding on the rise

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IRIN Plus News
5 December 2012