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Direct-acting antiviral medicines interfere with different steps of the hepatitis C lifecycle. A combination of drugs may be co-formulated into a single pill. Modern treatment typically lasts for two or three months, usually does not cause side-effects and cures more than 95% of treated people.

Desperate patients turn to buyers clubs

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The Economist (free registration required)
25 June 2019

England hits WHO 2020 hepatitis C target three years early

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The Pharmaceutical Journal
18 April 2019

Louisiana picks drug company for hepatitis C treatment plan

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San Francisco Chronicle
27 March 2019

Hepatitis C Fight Hinges on Prisons

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U.S. News & World Report
5 February 2019

Pakistan has 5 million hepatitis patients

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The Nation
3 January 2019

New strains of hepatitis C found in Africa

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Eurekalert Inf Dis
17 December 2018