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Information about the use of crystal methamphetamine, mephedrone and GHB/GBL in sexual contexts and its impact on sexual health. Information about other types of drug use, taking a harm reduction approach.

OUD Stable Over Time in People Living With HIV, Chronic Pain

Editor's pick
American Journal of Managed Care
5 February 2024

10 years on—high-risk practices on the London gay scene

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The Lancet (requires free registration)
13 January 2023

Uzbekistan: Draft law on compulsory HIV testing

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HIV Justice Network
2 September 2022

Obituary: David Stuart

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The Lancet
7 March 2022

On Queerness & Drugs

Editor's pick
28 February 2022

Can needle exchange services deliver chemsex harm reduction?

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Society for the Study of Addiction
28 February 2022