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Information about the different ways in which HIV can be passed on, as well as methods of HIV prevention including undetectable viral load, condoms and PEP.

Say Goodbye to 'Risk'

Editor's pick
Positively Aware
25 September 2017

Chemsex Has Always Been With Us

Editor's pick
Huffington Post
19 September 2017

The Social Life of Opioids

Editor's pick
Scientific American
19 September 2017

Heroin addiction: Why we took on this 7-day project

Editor's pick
12 September 2017

Massive drop in Malaysia's HIV rates

Editor's pick
New Straits Times
11 September 2017

Sex Map of Britain 2: Dangerous Infections

Editor's pick
BBC (video, UK only)
7 September 2017

HIV cases fall by 40% for second year at top clinic

Editor's pick
Evening Standard
30 August 2017