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This section covers sexual health issues that go beyond HIV prevention, including the prevention and treatment of other sexually transmitted infections, contraception, sexual problems and relationship issues.

Housewives most at-risk group for contracting STDs in Indonesia

Editor's pick
The Jakarta Post
14 June 2023

Risk for Mpox Resurgence Rises

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Medscape (requires free registration)
22 May 2023

CDC warns of an mpox rebound outbreak this summer

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Los Angeles Times
17 May 2023

WHO Declares End to Mpox Global Health Emergency 

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Health Policy Watch
15 May 2023

UKHSA: One year on: 7 things we've learnt about mpox

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UK Health Security Agency
15 May 2023

How Gay Men Saved Us From Monkeypox

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The New York Times
17 April 2023