aidsmapCHAT: COVID-19 and HIV – Series 3


The third series of aidsmapCHAT, our live discussions on news and updates on COVID-19 from around the world for people living with HIV.

aidsmapCHAT is hosted by Susan Cole and Matthew Hodson.

Thank you to Wandsworth Oasis for their support with this series.

Episode 1: 5 November 2020.

With guests Dr Sanjay Bhagani, Consultant Physician/Associate Professor of HIV and President-elect of the European AIDS Society; Nathaniel Hall, HIV-positive actor and activist; and Prof. Celeste Watkins-Hayes, internationally recognised expert on HIV, race, class and gender.

Episode 2: 19 November 2020

With guests Karl Schmid, HIV-positive producer and reporter for ABC in Los Angeles; Denis Onyango from the Africa Advocacy Foundation; and Dr Mina Hosseinipour, infectious diseases doctor who talked about the recent trial results for injectable PrEP in women.

Episode 3: 3 December 2020

With guests Dr Tristan Barber from the Royal Free Hospital, Dr and radio host Sindi van Zyl and 'London patient' Adam Castillejo, who has been cured of HIV.

Episode 4: 14 January 2021

With guests Professor Linda-Gail Bekker, Director of the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre; Edwin Sesange, LGBT rights campaigner and Todd Cooper, a medical student who's working on the COVID frontline.

Episode 5: 28 January 2021

With guests Juan Michael Porter II, writer at TheBody; Maryan Said, researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and EATG member; and Prof Chloe Orkin, former BHIVA Chair and President Elect of the Medical Women's Federation.

Episode 6: 11 February 2021

With guests Dr Oni Blackstock, HIV doctor and health activist; Josh Robbins, HIV and LGBT activist; and Dr Laura Waters, HIV doctor and Chair of the British HIV Association.