aidsmapCHAT: COVID-19 and HIV – Series 2


The second series of aidsmapCHAT, our live discussions on news and updates on COVID-19 from around the world for people living with HIV.

aidsmapCHAT is hosted by Susan Cole and Matthew Hodson.

Episode 1: 20 August 2020.

With guests Sean Strub, writer, activist and founder of POZ magazine; and Professor Jürgen Rockstroh, HIV clinician and President of the European AIDS Clinical Society.

Episode 2: 3 September 2020.

With guests Davina Conner, international speaker and HIV activist from the Prevention Access Campaign; Jason Domino, sex worker, activist and PrEP advocate; and Dr Vanessa Apea, sexual health and HIV doctor.

Episode 3: 17 September 2020.

With guests Dr Peter Ghys from UNAIDS, writer and long-term HIV survivor Hank Trout, and writer and activist Bakita Kasadha.

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