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Skills for employment, challenging workplace discrimination and deciding whether to disclose your HIV status at work.

Wagner Recruits Prisoners With HIV and Hepatitis C

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Kyiv Post
31 October 2022

Groundbreaking HIV and armed forces policy changes come into force

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Terrence Higgins Trust
21 June 2022

Landmark changes announced for commercial pilots living with HIV

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Terrence Higgins Trust
20 June 2022

Stigma and discrimination remain major issues for workers with HIV/AIDS

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International Labour Organization
1 December 2021

The US Military’s HIV Ban is Unjust

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5 November 2021

UK: Investigation finds care agency’s recruitment practices were unlawful

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Equality and Human Rights Commission
17 May 2021

SHEA Updates Guidance for Healthcare Workers with HIV, Hepatitis

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Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA)
14 October 2020

US: The Military Is Waging War on HIV-Positive Soldiers

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22 September 2020