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People who experience intimate partner violence, gender-based violence or domestic violence are at increased risk of acquiring HIV and violence is a key driver in the HIV epidemic among adolescent girls and women in sub-Saharan Africa. In many places, high numbers of people living with HIV have experienced intimate partner violence and it contributes to poor HIV outcomes.

The link between HIV viral suppression and violence

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18 February 2022

African activists fight violence against women, one law at a time

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Thomson Reuters Foundation
4 August 2020

Sexual violence, HIV, and conflict in South Sudan

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The Lancet (requires free registration)
3 September 2019

Dangerous Combo: Violence in Pregnancy and HIV in South Africa

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Inter Press Service
10 March 2014

Bisexual Women, Gay Men, Report Increased Intimate Partner Violence

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Williams Institute press release
8 October 2012

Addressing Gender-Based Violence and HIV/AIDS

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Smart Global Health
17 July 2012

HIV and the Long Tail of Child Sexual Abuse

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Duke University
15 March 2012