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Palliative care improves the quality of life for people living with HIV and their families through its holistic approach, and is a human right. It addresses physical symptoms, including pain, psychological, social and spiritual needs and can be provided in any care setting, including the home. It is appropriate from diagnosis throughout the course of the disease and into bereavement as appropriate.

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4 May 2021

Medical cannabis company donates $1 million to explore plant’s healing potential

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University of British Columbia press release
9 June 2015

Uganda: women and girls bear burden of HIV caregiving

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Key Correspondents
7 April 2015

Aging with HIV and AIDS: A growing social issue

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26 June 2014

Ukraine: New Breakthrough for Incurably Ill

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Human Rights Watch Health
15 May 2013

Nigeria to Import Morphine in Pain Relief Initiative

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New York Times
6 March 2012

ZAMBIA: "People Are Not Dead Until They Have Died"

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Inter Press Service
3 January 2012

Zambia - Palliative care for AIDS sufferers makes inroads

Editor's pick HIV/AIDS feed
28 December 2011

Africa: Caring About Palliative Care

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IRIN Plus News
18 March 2011

Many HIV/Aids patients suffer pain needlessly

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Human Rights Watch HIV/TB
15 February 2011

People 'denied' die at home wish

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BBC Health
14 November 2010