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Older, interferon-based treatments often had difficult side-effects. Modern treatments, using direct-acting antivirals are well tolerated, with few side-effects.

HCV Drugs May Reactivate HBV, FDA Warns

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Medscape (free registration required)
6 October 2016

Depression in HCV Often Resolves After Interferon Treatment

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Medscape (requires registration)
12 April 2013

Hepatitis C Model Delivers Great Care Anywhere

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Infectious Disease Special Edition
25 February 2013

Will Dropping Interferon Be the Magic Bullet for Reducing HCV Mortality?

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Clinical Care Options (requires registration)
26 October 2012

Mental Health in Hepatitis C: A European Expert Consensus Statement

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European Liver Patients Association
9 October 2012

Ordeal of hepatitis C treatment worth it

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San Francisco Chronicle
12 September 2012