The annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2018) is taking place in Boston, USA, from 4-7 March 2018.

Conference highlights

PrEP-resistant HIV

How much 'PrEP-resistant' HIV is out there?

Conference bulletins

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The vaginal ring: more HOPE to the DREAM? Higher adherence and better effectiveness seen in open-label ring studies.

HIV and pregnancy

Study finds that women are much more vulnerable to HIV infection during pregnancy and in the months after giving birth.


High uptake of HIV self-testing by men who have sex with men and transgender women in Burma.


Efavirenz may undermine effectiveness of the vaginal ring contraceptive.

The search for a cure

Experimental antibody plus TLR7 agonist maintains viral suppression in monkeys.


Lesotho making strong progress towards 90-90-90 targets.

Starting treatment

Same-day treatment start improves retention in care and viral suppression in Lesotho.

aidsmap news from CROI 2018

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Tweets from CROI 2018

  • Cancer news from #CROI2018... Mar 2018 06:08
  • OK, people what else do you need to know? #PrEPworks. Fantastic data by @KirbyInstitute's Andrew Grulich at… Mar 2018 05:12
  • Just in time for #IWD2018: significantly increased presence and leadership of women at #CROI2018 Mar 2018 04:24
  • CDC study presented at #CROI2018 estimates that just 8% of all persons with indications for #PrEP were given prescr… Mar 2018 02:26
  • Updated global treatment guidelines released at #CROI2018 recommend two key drugs for cryptococcal disease – a lead… Mar 2018 08:50
  • Massimo Colombo @mcolombo46: Need to expand non-transplant options for treating #livercancer in an era of scare donor livers #CROI201807 Mar 2018 10:16
  • Chloe Orkin: Living well is "the fourth 90" of 90-90-90 goals. In practice, this means staying on treatment #CROI201807 Mar 2018 09:19
  • Overarchingly, I'll say it's remarkable that we're still just beginning to really drill (not literally; figurativel… Mar 2018 05:22
  • Such an intriguing range of study presentations on HIV and neurocognitive impairment at #CROI2018 this morning. My… Mar 2018 05:20
  • Hoffman: Results from PROMISE show very little difference in maternal clinical outcomes in continued vs deferred LP… Mar 2018 05:15
  • >200 scientists at #CROI2018 sign open letter to Trump denouncing the deterioration of evidence-based policymaking… Mar 2018 05:06
  • If you missed the results of CASCADE trial at #CROI2018, full study published in @JAMA_current. Same-day ART after… Mar 2018 03:48
  • Some people can naturally control HIV infections better than others. New study from #CROI2018 reveals differences i… Mar 2018 03:13
  • Almost 2,000 young women in South Africa get HIV every WEEK. Linda-Gail Bekker at #CROI2018 on importance of PrEP a… Mar 2018 10:25
  • #CROI2018: Link between #HIV and elevated #cardiovascular risk further confirmed Mar 2018 08:32
  • Interim results from open-label study of IPM’s dapivirine vaginal ring for women find increased product use and sug… Mar 2018 06:34
  • Curing & reducing incidence of #HepC should reduce #livercancer #CROI2018 Mar 2018 05:37
  • Sobering #CROI2018 oral abstract session this morning on non-AIDS complications. It's amazing, 35+ years into the e… Mar 2018 05:21
  • “90-90-90 can’t be achieved without special attention to prisoners and jail detainees.”- Dr. Sandra Springer #CROI201806 Mar 2018 05:04
  • Nationwide only 1% of Latinos and 3% of blacks with indications for PrEP are estimated to be on PrEP! We have a lo… Mar 2018 05:01
  • Perhaps its not about the money. Randomized trial to test financial incentives for viral suppression in Uganda foun… Mar 2018 04:59
  • Dolutegravir intensification had no effect on viral reservoir as measured by total HIV DNA, integrated DNA, or cell… Mar 2018 04:54
  • This is so important! I wish other conferences were also so consistent in supporting #openscience as #CROI2018 Mar 2018 04:41
  • U=U campaign can have significant impact on improving psychological well being for people living with HIV #CROI201806 Mar 2018 02:41
  • Klatt: Incredible talk about the effect of the vaginal microbiome. Data from CAPRISA 004- when assessing PREP effic… Mar 2018 02:40
  • Remien: Depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, stress disorders are all more common in HIV and exacerbated by… Mar 2018 02:16
  • Robert Remien: If we do not address mental health we will not achieve 90-90-90 targets. And the right to health mus… Mar 2018 02:05
  • Treatment interruptions will be a necessary part of working out if #HIV cure interventions work. Great to see more… Mar 2018 10:52
  • “Relinking individuals to the same system of care that failed to engage them in the first place is not a good strat… Mar 2018 10:47
  • @DrDemetre talking about co-localizing PrEP with other care services to better serve people who inject drugs at… Mar 2018 07:11
  • A combination of broadly neutralizing antibodies and GS-9620 maintains ART-free HIV-like viral suppression in monk… Mar 2018 10:35
  • Currier at #CROI2018: Early days of HIV/AIDS were a difficult time, but you start by doing what‘s necessary, then y… Mar 2018 11:40
  • Being more than 1km from the nearest public health facility associated with increased HIV risk in East Africa #CROI201804 Mar 2018 11:28
  • Lesson from Dr. Julie Overbaugh at #CROI2018 opening: “Great value in having a clinical and international perspecti… Mar 2018 11:01
  • “We have done more with less, but we could do so much more with more”—Judith Currier on HIV funding. Opening session @ #CROI201804 Mar 2018 10:12
  • Very early findings, but this may be one of our most promising current avenues for a cure. #CROI2018 Mar 2018 09:04
  • Love that the pre-conference HCV workshop ended with a discussion of safe injection sites #CROI2018 #harmreduction04 Mar 2018 08:39
  • High rates of HIV acquisition in late pregnancy and postpartum show urgent need for addition px including PrEP. Renee Heffron #CROI201804 Mar 2018 08:39
  • The word cure in HIV is very ambitious. We should take it as it is and work with it. Gunthard @ #CROI2018 #HIVCURERESEARCH04 Mar 2018 07:36
  • A empassioned and inspiring panel discussion about women as both scientists and activists not just in the conversat… Mar 2018 06:43
  • An important step forward this year at #CROI2018 is that all speakers have to present gender-disaggregated data where possible04 Mar 2018 06:36
  • Dixon Diallo: the best research is that which works in true partnership with communities affected, whose lives expe… Mar 2018 06:22
  • #CROI2018 News: Spotlight on the power of smaller trials that will add up to a big difference in #HIV Mar 2018 03:20
  • On @BodyPROHIV: CROI 2018 Preview -- Using Our Tools for Better #HIV Prevention and Treatment #CROI201801 Mar 2018 08:41
  • The ACTG Network is pleased to announce that we will be offering 11 oral presentations and 19 poster presentations… Mar 2018 07:43
  • Here is a roadmap to follow the #TB science at #CROI2018 Important studies with impact on… Feb 2018 03:31
  • PSI will be at the annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (#CROI2018), taking place in Bost… Feb 2018 02:57
  • Results from an ongoing phase I trial human trial of an IL-15 superagonist (ALT-803) in HIV-positive individuals on… Feb 2018 11:15
  • Our own @kerinalthoff is among the featured speakers at #CROI2018, addressing the impact of physical and mental com… Feb 2018 06:02
  • The #CROI2018 Program is online! Feb 2018 01:41

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