WHO-UNITAID call for interest

This article originally appeared in HIV & AIDS treatment in practice, an email newsletter for healthcare workers and community-based organisations in resource-limited settings published by NAM between 2003 and 2014.

Call for Interest from individuals wishing to apply for membership of the Advisory Group on Funding Priorities ("AGFP")

UNITAID’s mission is to contribute to scaling up access to treatment for HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis (TB) for people in developing countries by leveraging price reductions of quality drugs and diagnostics, which currently are unaffordable for most developing countries, and to accelerate the pace at which they are made available.

The Advisory Group on Funding Priorities ("AGFP") is an independent expert panel that assists in identifying, consistent with the UNITAID Strategy endorsed by the Board, potential priority niches of high-market and public health impact to be funded by UNITAID. Members of the AGFP are high level experts with academic or major organizational experience in their fields of work, which will also be the areas of UNITAID's focus. The panel is broadly constituted, comprising Members with expertise in the public health aspects of UNITAID’s areas of work, health economics, market dynamics, programme management, health research and new product development.

For more details on how to apply please visit the UNITAID website:  http://www.unitaid.eu/  

Submissions should be sent to: saara.reid@hlsp.org to arrive no later than Sunday 20th March 2011.