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First data on uptake of HIV self-testing in the UK

Between April 2015 and February 2016, almost 28,000 people have paid £29.95 for a kit allowing them to test for HIV at home, according to a presentation

26 April 2016
Roger Pebody
Malawi: Oral Kits Let People Test for HIV at Home

A quick swab of the gums and people know their test results. In Malawi, many people didn't get tested for HIV before because that meant visiting a clinic - but they didn't want health officials to know their status.

30 March 2016
Rheonix develops combined HIV antibody and HIV RNA test

Rheonix Inc. a developer of fully automated molecular testing solutions, has completed development and testing of a microfluidic system and assay to simultaneously detect host anti-HIV antibodies and viral RNA in a single specimen of saliva or blood. The Rheonix system will improve HIV testing by detecting early, acute HIV infection and addressing the well - known “seroconversion window” when antibodies are not yet detectable, thus eliminating the need for multiple patient visits to health care providers. .

16 March 2016
Rheonix press release
Study compares tests to detect acute HIV infection

In a study appearing in the Feb. 16 issue of JAMA, Philip J. Peters, M.D., of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, and colleagues evaluated the performance of an HIV antigen/antibody (Ag/Ab) combination assay to detect acute HIV infection (early infection) compared with pooled HIV RNA testing, the reference standard.

22 February 2016
Eurekalert Medicine & Health
South Africa: Home HIV testing gets the green light

After years of debate about the merits of home HIV testing, a ban has been lifted on pharmacist sales of do-it-yourself HIV tests.

09 February 2016
Health-E News
A Bill Gates backed fund is investing in an Aussie HIV testing company

The US based Global Health Investment Fund (GHIF), which was set up by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and investment bank JPMorgan in 2013, will hand Sydney based Atomo Diagnostics fresh funds as it seeks to scale up production of its self testing devices, expand its sales activities and the commercial rollout of its products in developing countries.

14 January 2016
Sydney Morning Herald
Largest HIV self-testing project launches in Africa

At the 18th International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa (ICASA), the Self-Testing Africa (STAR) project announced the launch of the largest HIV self-testing project ever seen in Africa. Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe are taking part, and in the first year alone, nearly 750,000 self-testing kits will be distributed. Over four years, an estimated 2.7 million kits will be made available to the people that need it.

03 December 2015
Key Correspondents
Detecting HIV diagnostic antibodies with DNA nanomachines

A nanoscale machine composed of synthetic DNA can be used for the rapid, sensitive and low-cost diagnosis of many diseases, including HIV.

07 October 2015
HIV / AIDS News From Medical News Today
TV star Dr Christian condemns ‘joke’ HIV test apps and calls on app stores to ban them

Television star Dr Christian Jessen has condemned mobile apps which allow users to “prank” friends into thinking they are HIV positive.

03 October 2015
Pink News
DIY HIV tests go on sale in France

Do-it-yourself HIV tests went on sale in France for the first time on Tuesday as part of the government's plan to reduce the incidence of HIV in the country. French company AAZ's Autotest VIH kits will be available in pharmacies for 25 euros.

16 September 2015
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