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Data on the spread and control of HIV in different parts of the world. Epidemiology is concerned with the frequency, patterns and determinants of infections and other health events in a population.

Unrecognized HIV crisis in Latinx community revealed by new report

Editor's pick
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
4 February 2020

HIV infections rise in Brazil

Editor's pick
Deutsche Welle
2 December 2019

Half of all women with HIV are diagnosed late in Europe

Editor's pick
World Health Organization
30 November 2019

HIV Diagnoses Fall to Historic Low in New York City

Editor's pick
25 November 2019

Almost 27,000 persons with HIV in Cuba

Editor's pick
OnCuba News
25 November 2019

Rwanda hosting ICASA is well deserved

Editor's pick
The New Times
25 November 2019

Is Uganda winning the HIV war?

Editor's pick
New Vision
11 November 2019

Women and HIV in the United Kingdom

Editor's pick
Public Health England
2 November 2019

UN body projects 200,000 HIV case in Philippines by 2025

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Philippine Star
22 October 2019

France records drop in new HIV diagnoses

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14 October 2019

N.Y. Declares the End Is Near for AIDS Epidemic

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The New York Times
3 October 2019

New HIV diagnoses falling, but much more needed to get to zero

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Terrence Higgins Trust
3 September 2019