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From Rhetoric to Reality: An Analysis of Efforts to Scale Up The Response to TB-HIV

A new research report from ACTION global health shows that joint TB-HIV activities are neglected by HIV programs and overwhelmingly carried out by TB programs, and that global guidelines to address TB-HIV have not been prioritized by leading donors and affected countries.

22 July 2014
Mass TB Tests 'Would Save Billions'

A World Bank study has estimated that South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, and Mozambique could save approximately 13 billion rand a year in increased productivity and reduced TB transmission by spending 330 million rand per year to test and treat miners in the gold and platinum mining industry for TB.

31 March 2014
Business Daily
Xpert TB test doesn’t reduce morbidity but it does have important advantages

While it is disappointing that the Xpert did not confer a morbidity or mortality benefit, its advantages include quicker and easier diagnosis with less work for health workers.

10 March 2014
HIV i-Base
TB-HIV news from the 44th Union World Conference on Lung Health.

This edition of HATIP reports on the 44th Union World Conference on Lung Health, held in Paris, 30 October-3 November 2013.

28 February 2014
HIV & AIDS treatment in practice
Decentralisation of care reduces HIV and TB-related deaths, illness in Swaziland and Uganda

New studies from eastern and southern Africa add to  mounting evidence that antiretroviral therapy (ART) has a profound impact on reducing opportunistic infections, and that decentralised and

19 December 2013
Mara Kardas-Nelson
TB treatment must extend beyond the physical body and include social and psychological support as an important aspect of care

Jigna Rao, patient advocate, speaks about patient centered approaches to cure at the TAG symposium “Cascades: Improving TB Care”, held on November 1 during the 2013 Union World Conference on Lung Health in Paris, France.

18 November 2013
TB Online
Global Fund Shift Mode of Funding, to Focus on Joint HIV/TB Programs

The Global Fund has said future funding programmes will be geared towards joint Tuberculosis and HIV programmes, rather than separate proposals for each disease. The new requirement is designed to streamline programming for countries heavily burdened by the two diseases.

08 November 2013
Africa Science News
Patient-Centered TB Treatment Will Require Modernizing Directly-Observed Therapy

In the first of two linked posts, Mike Frick of Treatment Action Group (TAG) and Audrey Zhang of Harvard College argue that patient-centered approaches in treatment for drug-resistant and drug-sensitive tuberculosis are needed.

31 October 2013
PLoS Blogs (blog)
Pros and cons of high-tech TB testing

A new, sophisticated diagnostic test for tuberculosis now being rolled out promises to be faster and more accurate than the old methods and much easier to use. But the first trials of the GeneXpert MTB/RIF Assay test in real-life situations have proved that while all this is true, it did not make any significant difference to treatment outcomes.

30 October 2013
Mapping the Donor Landscape in Global Health: Tuberculosis

This report maps the network of international assistance aimed at addressing the global impact of tuberculosis (TB). The analysis identifies 22 different donors, comprising 19 nations providing bi-lateral support and 3 multilateral programs, providing assistance to 109 recipient countries over a three-year period through 2011.

02 September 2013
Kaiser Family Foundation
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