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Only 1 in 5 Medicaid Users Linked to Care Within a Year After HIV Diagnosis

Only about 20% of adult Medicaid recipients who tested positive for HIV during the past decade began receiving appropriate care – including CD4 T-cell count and viral load monitoring – within a year of diagnosis, and the rate did not improve much within 5 years, according to an analysis described in the January 2013 issue of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

07 February 2013
Study finds incentive price for reducing HIV risk in Mexico

With a goal to reduce HIV risk behaviors, researchers investigated whether gay men and male sex workers in Mexico City would participate in a conditional cash transfer program that encourages HIV prevention education and regular testing. A new study in the European Journal of Health Economics reports the price that would get more than 75 percent participation: $288 a year.

05 February 2013
Eurekalert Medicine & Health
Is London’s gay scene self-harming through sex and drug use?

David Stuart of gay men's drug project Antidote discusses increases in the use of methamphetamine and mephedrone in London's gay scene and an increased tendency to inject them.

24 January 2013
Pink News
Better Syringe Designs Could Nearly Eradicate Global Annual HIV Infections from Syringe Sharing Within Eight Years

Switching the type of syringe used by people who inject drugs could help curb HIV transmission in countries with injection-driven epidemics within eight years, according to a new article which summarizes existing evidence regarding how low dead-space syringes can help reduce HIV transmission and estimates potential impacts on HIV transmission among people who inject drugs.

16 January 2013
Newswise (press release)
Africa: Study Confirms Role of Road Networks in HIV Spread

Road networks are strongly related to the spread of HIV-1 - the HIV subtype responsible for the AIDS pandemic - across Sub-Saharan Africa, a study confirms.

14 January 2013
How Men in South Africa Are Trying to Stop Violence Against Women

The Sonke Gender Justice Network is encouraging young men to embrace new behaviors.

07 January 2013
The Atlantic
Rich Kenyans hardest hit by HIV, says study

Money, power and lifestyle are among the contributing factors leading to a high HIV prevalence rate, according to the head of the monitoring and evaluation unit at the National Aids Control Council (NACC), Dr Patrick Mureithi.

17 December 2012
Daily Nation
New study shows structural factors play major role in access to HIV services for gay men worldwide

A large-scale study of gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM), conducted by the Global Forum on MSM & HIV (MSMGF), indicates that only one third of MSM can easily access condoms, lubricant, HIV testing, and HIV treatment.

30 November 2012
Does Muslim religion have an impact on HIV transmission?

A recent paper in the American Sociological Review – Adamczyk & Hayes  – seeks to demonstrate that the predominance of the Muslim religion in a country may have a macro-level, cultural impact on the sexual behaviour (pre- and extra-marital sex) of its residents.

08 November 2012
BMJ Group blogs
South African women who seek goods and services from sexual partners more likely to become HIV positive within two years

Young South African women who engage in sex or have relationships partially motivated by economic gain are more likely to become infected with HIV, Rachel Jewkes

01 November 2012
Roger Pebody

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