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The horror of the Ebola virus: learning lessons from the HIV and AIDS response of the 1980s and 90s

In this guest blog, leading HIV and AIDS activist and former CEO of the Terrence Higgins Trust, Sir Nicholas Partridge draws comparisons between the fight to defeat HIV and AIDS and Ebola and looks at how we can use this knowledge to limit Ebola's spread.

21 October 2014
Action Aid
In Ebola fear, a familiar whiff of paranoia

Stigmatization, dread of contagion, and moral panic: the parallels between Ebola and the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic are striking.

16 October 2014
Washington Post
CDC Director Draws Parallels Between Ebola Outbreak and HIV/AIDS Epidemic

The worst Ebola outbreak in history is so far-reaching and deadly that it is unlike anything since the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said Thursday. Speaking at a World Bank forum in Washington, D.C., Frieden said the international community needs to do more to ensure the Ebola virus outbreak does not become “the next AIDS.”

10 October 2014
HIV pandemic originated in Kinshasa in the 1920s, say scientists

A “perfect storm” of urban change that began in 1920s Kinshasa led to the catastrophic spread of HIV across Africa and into the wider world, according to scientists who used genetic sequencing and historical records to trace the origins of the pandemic.

03 October 2014
The Guardian
Doctor treats Ebola with HIV drug in Liberia - seemingly successfully

A doctor in rural Liberia inundated with Ebola patients says he's had good results with a treatment he tried out of sheer desperation: an HIV drug. Dr. Gobee Logan has given the drug, lamivudine, to 15 Ebola patients, and all but two survived. That's a 7% mortality rate whereas across West Africa, the virus has killed 70% of its victims.

27 September 2014
Frankie Goes to Hollywood star: I didn’t believe my HIV medication would work

British pop star Holly Johnson has opened up about living with HIV, insisting he is amazed he is still alive 23 years after his diagnosis.

23 September 2014
Pink News
New Book to Feature a Decade of Early AIDS Activists' Portraits

The entire collection of 225 portraits, personal statements and negatives has been archived in the Fales Library and Special Collections at New York University (NYU). But much of Bill Bytsura's collection of large format photographs of a decade of AIDS activists -- from the well-known to those never publicly recognized, from those who have survived to those who lost their lives soon after the photos were taken -- has not been published. Now, Bytsura is launching a fundraising campaign to produce a high-quality book with many of these stunning images.

10 September 2014
The Body
Telling tales and talking-through

There has been a recent wave of films and television events, for a combined gay and heterosexual audience, in an emerging genre of “AIDS nostalgia”. I’m thinking of films like Dallas Buyers’ Club and television series like Angels in America and The Normal Heart.

01 September 2014
Bad Blood (blog)
Remarks on the lives of Jacqueline van Tongeren and Joep Lange, by Catherine Hankins

It is incomprehensible that people who worked so hard to save the lives of others should be shot down and be collateral damage in someone else’s war. Each of us needs to reflect on how to celebrate their memories by taking forward their visions. This world is a better place for them having walked among us. Let this be said of each of us too.

06 August 2014
Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
Of guidelines, targets and resources: the documents that defined the 2014 International AIDS Conference

If there was a phrase that defined the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014), one that surfaced in every few presentations and kept turning up in documents,

26 July 2014
Gus Cairns
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