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Things to Consider Before Disclosing Your HIV Status at Work

Many people debate about whether they should reveal their HIV status to people at work—and may wonder about the potential benefits, and the potential downsides, of disclosing. Here’s a few things to consider if you’re thinking about coming out to work colleagues as HIV-positive.

21 June 2016
BETA blog
Ste talks to NAT (National AIDS Trust) about HIV and workplace discrimination

Interview with a man who has experienced workplace discrimination in relation to his HIV status.

14 April 2016
You Tube
No adverse social consequences from early ART initiation in West Africa

Early initiation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) does not have negative social consequences, investigators report in the online edition of AIDS. Research involving patients in Côte d’Ivoire showed

05 April 2016
Michael Carter
Israeli army to allow HIV positive recruits

HIV-positive Israelis will be conscripted into the military for the first time, the army said Wednesday, a move welcomed by gay rights groups as an important step against discrimination.

03 December 2015
Yahoo News
Providing HIV treatment at work found to be cost-saving for companies

Providing antiretroviral therapy programmes in the workplace can be cost saving for companies in settings with a high prevalence of HIV due to reductions in healthcare costs, absenteeism, and staff turnover according to new research published in PLOS Medicine.

08 September 2015
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine press release
US funding for HIV treatment linked with employment gains in sub-Saharan Africa

We found that PEPFAR was associated with a 13 percent increase in employment among males in focus nations compared to non-focus ones. In contrast, no change in employment was observed among females. In addition, we found that increasing PEPFAR per capita funding by $100 was associated with a 9.1-percentage-point average increase in employment among males.

15 June 2015
Brookings Institution (blog)
HIV positive workers take less than a week off

The majority of people living with HIV take less than four days off work a year but still find it hard to obtain financial products such as income protection and critical illness cover.

07 May 2015
FT Adviser
Military justice?

An extraordinary example of HIV criminalization gone awry in the States. Bob Leahy talks to Lt. Colonel Ken Pinkela, court martialed and sentenced to a jail term for allegedly exposing another officer to HIV, when no sexual contact occurred, says Pinkela.

27 January 2015
Positive Lite
Banking Giant JPMorgan Chase Sued Over Alleged HIV Discrimination

A former corporate vice president of JPMorgan Chase is suing the banking giant, alleging the corporation violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by ignoring a doctor's order related to the man's HIV care.

09 January 2015
The Body
The Greek Military Is Laying Off HIV-Positive Soldiers

Christos explained that when it comes to HIV you have to remain silent. But is silence the answer? I asked. “In Greece, yes, it is the only answer. In another state, perhaps it’s not. The Greek state has to decide: does it want HIV positive individuals here or not?”

23 September 2014
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