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Ugandan clinics selling bogus HIV certificates

Private clinics in Uganda's capital, Kampala, are selling fake HIV negative certificates to help people get jobs, an undercover investigation by BBC Africa's Catherine Byaruhanga has revealed.

08 April 2014
BBC Health
HIV-Positive Nurse Tried by Media

Uganda’s first court case dealing with criminalization of HIV transmission could have far-reaching consequences. Rosemary Namubiru, a nurse, stands accused of exposing a child to HIV during the course of administering an injection. The incident incited a media firestorm, leading to Namubiru’s arrest and trumped-up charges of attempted murder.

12 February 2014
AIDS Free World
California Porn Film Company Is Fined $78,000 for Condom Policy, Other Workplace Safety Violations

The Star Tribune reported that California state safety officials fined a San Francisco-based pornography company $78,000 for allowing performers to have on-camera intercourse without using condoms.

04 February 2014
CDC National Prevention Information Network
UK: Management of HIV infected healthcare workers performing exposure prone procedures

In August 2013, the Chief Medical Officer for England announced a change in policy to remove restrictions on Healthcare Workers (HCW) with HIV practising Exposure-Prone Procedures (EPPs). Public Health England (PHE) has now published interim guidance on the implementation of this policy.

31 January 2014
Public Health England
International Labour Organization: Employment crucial for successful HIV/AIDS treatment

People living with HIV who are employed are almost 40 per cent more likely to stick to HIV treatment than those without a job, says a new ILO study released ahead of World AIDS Day.

02 December 2013
International Labour Organization
South Korea: Is HIV testing of foreign teachers here to stay?

It is an experience familiar to many foreign English teachers: Soon after arrival in Korea, their blood is taken and screened, with the results submitted to the immigration authorities. The reason? A government policy requires that non-ethnic Korean foreigners wishing to teach children must first prove they’re HIV-free. But, amid a pending U.N. committee ruling on whether the policy constitutes racial discrimination, an unclear picture of the current status and future of testing has emerged across government and educational bodies.

26 November 2013
Korea Herald
UNITED STATES: Navy Opens More Assignments to HIV-Positive Sailors, Marines

The Navy is opening sea and short-duty assignments outside of the continental U.S. to sailors with HIV or other blood-borne illnesses, according to a spokesman.

04 November 2013
Stars & Stripes
European Court of Human Rights: Sacked HIV positive worker awarded €14,000 after human rights court complaint

A Greek HIV-positive jewellery company worker who was sacked after colleagues voiced their objections, has been awarded more than €14,000 by human rights judges. They ruled today that Greece breached human rights when the 33 year old Athens resident was dismissed on account of his HIV infection.

08 October 2013
Human Rights Europe
Tearful porn actress speaks out about HIV risk in adult film industry

Several current and former adult film performers who have tested positive for HIV spoke out Wednesday about working conditions in the industry.

19 September 2013
Los Angeles Times
Starting HIV therapy leads to improvements in daily function and economic wellbeing

Antiretroviral therapy has continuous and sustained benefits for the quality of life and economic wellbeing of people living with HIV, South African research published in the online

08 September 2013
Michael Carter
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