Helen Moulinos Interim Executive Director

Helen will lead the organisation for an interim period in 2024 while Executive Director Matthew takes a sabbatical. Helen’s cross-sector career spans three decades, specialising in innovation, human rights, social justice and strategy. She first became involved with HIV/AIDS as a youth activist in New York City in 1990, advocating for rights and legal reform locally in her area and volunteering as a support worker. She is a not-for-profit charity Interim Chief Executive and human rights campaigner. Helen additionally serves as the Vice-Chair of the Board at Amnesty International UK, an independent Non-Executive Director with the Food Network for Ethical Trade and a Board Trustee with the Civil Liberties Trust. Helen holds an MSc in Finance from the City University of New York and a BA in Creative Studies from Hofstra University. She is currently pursuing a second Masters degree in International Affairs at King’s College London. Twitter: @HelenMoulinos