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Tweets from IAS 2017

  • Zero HIV transmission in gay sex when virally suppressed, 40k condomless sex acts. End of debate? Think so. #IAS2017 Jul 2017 03:47
  • A long-acting #PrEP, injected every 8 weeks, shows promise. If effective, it could be a game changer. #IAS2017: Jul 2017 01:38
  • #IAS2017 was great! We have come far in the fight against #HIV (e.g., #PrEP) but we have a long way to go (e.g., #EndStigma) + more funding27 Jul 2017 10:38
  • #IAS2017 finished yestareday with over 7800 participants. Basic research sessions offered excellent science and had impressive attendance.27 Jul 2017 10:32
  • Countries and donors should aim for new $90-$90-$90 target on HIV, hepatitis, TB drug prices, study shows #IAS201727 Jul 2017 10:14
  • South Africa will be producing generic #dolutegravir for the region #IAS2017 @AfrocabH27 Jul 2017 10:13
  • "Meaningful involvement of #keypopulations and #PLHIV in shaping research priorities must remain an unwavering principle." #IAS2017 #HIV26 Jul 2017 08:30
  • M. Lichterfeld at #IAS2017, in basic science rapporteur session, reaffirms that early #HIV testing can better prevent infection spread.26 Jul 2017 05:46
  • O.Mellouk @ITPCglobal: Gilead pricing wrecked countries' budgets & forced people to run from country to country to get sofosbuvir #IAS201726 Jul 2017 05:32
  • Demonstration projects explore the feasibility of PrEP for adolescents and young women in South Africa #IAS201726 Jul 2017 05:18
  • The first slides from #IAS2017 have been uploaded to many many more to come. Free access, register now...26 Jul 2017 05:07
  • "Better feedback between #keypops & providers leads to accountability & continuous quality improvement." - Cameron Wolf @USAIDGH #IAS201726 Jul 2017 03:20
  • @WHO endorses that buyer's clubs can be seriously considered for getting access to drugs when all other options are unaffordable #IAS201726 Jul 2017 03:05
  • #IAS2017 #ambassadorBirx on #HSS & #hiv response: we didn't just strengthen existing health systems, we needed to create what did not exist26 Jul 2017 03:03
  • In #Kenya we’re creating demand for #HIV services among young women through peer edu & innovative methods like television programs. #IAS201726 Jul 2017 03:00
  • "Investments in research &prevention tools are key but we need to understand why existing ones aren't being used" @MarijkeWijnroks #IAS201726 Jul 2017 02:41
  • To make drugs affordable for all, we work with the MPP and its voluntary licensing model - Jessica Burry from @MSF_access #IAS2017 #EndAIDS26 Jul 2017 02:11
  • "We must make [#HIV] facility-based services more acceptable, accessible, affordable, & equitable." - Kate Thomson @GlobalFund #IAS2017 #KPs26 Jul 2017 02:01
  • Among Kenyan/Ugandan women at high HIV risk, contraceptive use didn't appear to impact PrEP adherence #IAS2017 Jul 2017 01:51
  • "Le travail des gouvernements est de négocier les prix des médicaments, pas juste d'enregistrer ces prix". #IAS201726 Jul 2017 01:43
  • New #HIV vaccine meets the criteria to start large scale phase III human trials this year. #IAS2017 Jul 2017 01:30
  • Confidence d'un chercheur du Malawi (HIV/Tuberculose) "c'est dur de voir les gens mourir de maladies qu'on peut prévenir." #IAS201726 Jul 2017 01:05
  • There has been a tremendous increase in uptake of #hivselftest but more pronounced increase in women - Karin Hatzold @PSIimpact #ias201726 Jul 2017 12:50
  • Unacceptable that 18% of 27000 HIV-related TB cases died in Europe in 2015. Living with #HIV. Dying from #TB @HIVTB @HarmReduction #IAS201726 Jul 2017 12:21
  • Hanne Zimmermann's presentation on motivations for event-driven vs. daily #PrEP use in #Dutch men is excellent. And she's cool #ias201726 Jul 2017 11:26
  • #TB screening of pregnant women living with HIV increased TB detection 10x & reduced infant mortality in #SouthAfrica #IAS201726 Jul 2017 11:22
  • Lots of #IAS2017 sessions have been filmed and are being published on the @IAS_conference YouTube channel: Jul 2017 09:22
  • Fantastic session on #women & #HIV-from #PMTCT to #menopause.Much work to be done to increase inclusion of women in HIV research #IAS201726 Jul 2017 11:12
  • Coceka Mnyani: #HIV remains leading cause of death for women aged 30-49 globally #IAS201726 Jul 2017 10:25
  • Interesting to hear more about 4-5 days a week ART, from Anna Turkova of @MRCCTU and GOSH... #IAS201726 Jul 2017 10:18
  • Ayesha of CAPRISA: voluntary male circumcision not only protects men, it also reduces chances of women contracting #HIV and #Herpes #ias201726 Jul 2017 10:17
  • Ipergay trial: PrEP still protected people who had less sex and used it less often #IAS201726 Jul 2017 09:57
  • PADDLE "small numbers but strong message". No. Small numbers = weak message. Too often we learn pilots are not always replicated #IAS201726 Jul 2017 10:12
  • International study of gay couples reports no transmissions from an #HIV-positive partner on treatment #IAS201725 Jul 2017 03:28
  • "When #keypopulations are ignored or stigmatized, #HIV spreads." - @LindaGailBekker #IAS2017 @iasociety @DTHF_SA25 Jul 2017 03:01
  • Glecaprevir/pibrentasvir is effective for people with HIV/HCV co-infection #IAS201726 Jul 2017 09:57
  • Young people are not a homogenous group and we can't expect to reach them with a one-size-fits-all approach -@ygpillay #IAS2017 #youth26 Jul 2017 09:46
  • Fabien Zoulim: #HBV viral replication can continue in liver despite 'viral suppression,' explains need for lifelong #hepB therapy #IAS201726 Jul 2017 09:19
  • Alexandra Calmy: As middle-income countries shift away from efavirenz, expanding access to generic drugs for #HIV is indispensable #IAS201726 Jul 2017 08:50
  • Women represent less than 20% of #HIV drug trial participants. #IAS201726 Jul 2017 08:45
  • Can self testing engage 'hard to reach' men with HIV testing? #IAS2017 Jul 2017 08:06
  • 12000 insertive sex msm, 0 transmissions in couples, 3 from outside, tasp and varying degrees of prep #IAS201725 Jul 2017 02:43
  • Dr. Gotham: $90 per person can be new ceiling price for treating #HIV, #TB, #HCV & #HBV. #IAS2017 @HIVpxresearch @IAS_conference25 Jul 2017 02:42
  • #IAS2017: AIDS-related deaths comprise 54% of overall inpatient deaths in Nsanje hospital, #Malawi. Of these 29% occur within first 48 hours25 Jul 2017 02:15
  • New @WHO guidance says start #HIV treatment within 7 days of diagnosis - & at once if patient is willing. #IAS2017 Jul 2017 02:13
  • #IAS2017 #MSF calls for the wide implementation of new WHO guidelines for advanced HIV and strengthened hospital-based care.25 Jul 2017 01:42
  • French #PrEP Ipergay trial found 29% of participants report at least one occasion of #Chemsex, also associated with high risk sex. #IAS201725 Jul 2017 02:03
  • #IAS2017 #MSF: While increased access to ART has led to reduced deaths, these gains have been limited for those people with advanced HIV.25 Jul 2017 01:39
  • "La situation du #Sida en Europe de l'est est catastrophique, on peut le dire" Michel #Kazatchkine #ONU #IAS201725 Jul 2017 01:36
  • New integrase inhibitor bictegravir works well for first-line HIV treatment Jul 2017 08:51

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