The 25th International Harm Reduction Conference (HR17) was held in Montréal, Canada from 14-17 May 2017.

Conference highlights


Canadian Minister of Health opens HR17 conference amid controversy over overdose deaths.

Conference bulletin

Read our HR17 conference bulletin.

United States

Heroin combined with fentanyl is driving overdose crisis in US.

Drug checking programme

Drug checking reveals high levels of fentanyl contamination in Vancouver street drugs.

Generic hepatitis C treatment

Indonesian buyers club helps people obtain generic hepatitis C treatment.

Prevention of mother-to-child transmission

Combining drug addiction treatment and perinatal HIV prevention leads to good outcomes in Kenya.

Direct-acting antivirals

Hepatitis C virus reinfection is uncommon after being cured with DAAs.

Stimulant overdoses

Overamping is a common problem among people who use stimulants.

Opioid dependence treatment

Hydromorphone works as well as heroin-assisted drug addiction treatment.

aidsmap news from HR17

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Tweets from HR17

  • Many thanks to all @HRInews and everyone who attended for making #hr17 such a great experience. Leaving with lots o… May 2017 06:01
  • For those of you on Facebook, you can watch the excellent video of the closing ceremony of #HR17 at… May 2017 01:29
  • Getting ready to head home after #HR17 in Montréal It was a truly wonderful conference, with harm reduction hero's everywhere you look.♥18 May 2017 11:47
  • women are disproportionately vilified in issues important to #harmred Stephen Lewis, #HR17 closing plenary. We must center gender and race.17 May 2017 09:29
  • Racism lies at heart of our inadequate response to drug & substance misuse, harm reduction, & health - Stephen Lewis closing #HR17 @HRInews17 May 2017 09:28
  • HIV among PWID in Central & East. Europe and Central Asia is up 50 times higher than among general population, Igor Gordon #EHRN at #HR17.17 May 2017 08:43
  • Zoe Dodd: Maybe if we didn't have the drug pricing system we have, the #hep C treatment response would not have been so exclusionary #HR1717 May 2017 08:35
  • “Punitive laws have neither decreased the supply or the use of drugs and have caused adverse health outcomes” #HR1717 May 2017 08:50
  • E Schatz: Most European #hepC tx guidelines now include #PWID, but that does not mean they have access without barriers #HR1717 May 2017 04:37
  • Drug policy is about science compassion, love and human rights. Our victory will be the worlds victory says @ethannadelmann #HR1717 May 2017 03:13
  • The struggle is worth it, whether we win or lose, because it's the right thing for justice and humanity @ethannadelmann at #HR1717 May 2017 03:11
  • Need to empathise and connect with our adversaries - Edelmann say we need to understand how to bring groups over to our cause. #HR1717 May 2017 03:11
  • @ethannadelmann "Donald Trump, aka #Duterte with orange hair." #HR17 #funnynotfunny17 May 2017 03:01
  • Very encouraging to see Senator Hontiveros of the Philippines call for drugs to be treated as a health issue #HR1717 May 2017 03:09
  • "At the core of Duterte´s campaign against drugs is his belief that drug users are not humans" - Sen Risa Hontiveros #HR1717 May 2017 03:05
  • I have a new hero her name is #RisaHontiveros a Senator in the Philippines #HR17 #speakout #supportdontpunish17 May 2017 02:45
  • Keep echoing over and over around the world that the #warondrugs is a dead-end - #RisaHontiveros #HR1717 May 2017 02:43
  • "Harm reduction is our offer to despots who play god." Powerful closing words from Senator #RisaHontiveros of Philippines #HR17 #warondrugs17 May 2017 02:43
  • "There have been too many lives around the world sacrificed for a policy model that doesn't work" ~ @risahontiveros #HR1717 May 2017 02:38
  • We are changing the laws and abandoning the war on drugs rhetoric in many countries #@lismarybaby #HR17 #cannabis17 May 2017 02:23
  • Commerce = 'recognising that we are turning black market into a legal one': Ware #HR1717 May 2017 02:17
  • "for many people what they know about cannabis is what they read in the paper" - #MarkWare #HR17 #cannabis17 May 2017 02:11
  • Women-only overdose prevention site opens in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside #hr1717 May 2017 12:59
  • @KamalaHarris Absolutely! End the cruel & pointless war on drug users. More US OD deaths last yr than depth of AIDS… May 2017 12:11
  • Why legalize pot, but shy away from addressing opioids? - President Kwasniewski and A. Grover from @globalcdp: #HR1717 May 2017 10:09
  • You have to work harder to include active drug users, you have to work harder to include sex workers #sexwork #HR17 #nothingaboutuswithoutus16 May 2017 10:13
  • the conditions of a person's life are too often defined by their relation to addiction - Carol Boyd @CANdrugpolicy #HR1716 May 2017 09:57
  • Roxanne Saucier: New long-acting addiction treatments sometimes used to serve ends of the system rather than the needs of #PWID #HR1716 May 2017 09:37
  • Fabienne Hariga: The problems facing women who use drugs are universal #HR1716 May 2017 08:26
  • #HR17 is where you learn #Philadelphia faces the same challenges as #Kenya in fighting #overdose and #addiction: capacity, laws, systems.16 May 2017 08:08
  • #HR17 #addiction #youth Drug misuse among teens is within the world of public schools and teachers and yet we have zero support for programs16 May 2017 07:41
  • Harm reduction therapy: start where people are at and help them get to where they want to go. #hr17 @AndrewTatarsky16 May 2017 04:41
  • Young people make up greater proportion of PWID in low- and middle-income countries vs high-income countries, according to @NDARCNEWS, #HR1716 May 2017 04:37
  • Harm reduction provides ample & unquestionable evidence that people who use drugs are not powerless over their substance use. #HR1716 May 2017 04:37
  • 52 countries provide opioid substitution in at least one prison - inadequate provision for people in prisons says @gensander #HR1716 May 2017 04:14
  • 29 additional countries are reporting on #PWID compared to 2008. Reliable data is needed for effective programming #HR17 @theaidsalliance16 May 2017 04:10
  • Criminalisation of LGBT populations is a barrier to access to #harmreduction services: Adam Bourne #HR1716 May 2017 03:06
  • Drug use prevalence across all categories is significantly higher for LGBT community than heterosexual counterparts: Adam Bourne #HR1716 May 2017 02:57
  • The war on drugs is a major impediment to ending AIDS by 2030. #MalaysianAIDSCouncil at #HR17 @theaidsalliance16 May 2017 02:50
  • Can't make it to the #HR17? Watch some of the panels here! May 2017 02:29
  • Maria Gabriel explains how art worked to engage drug users in a favela in Brazil at #HR1716 May 2017 02:15
  • Watch the #HR17 plenary and other sessions at #harmreduction16 May 2017 02:10
  • Hydromorphone works as well as heroin-assisted drug addiction treatment #hr1716 May 2017 10:11
  • Drugs are a convenient scapegoat to deflect from political inaction on social equity. #HR1715 May 2017 09:48
  • Tiommi Luckett: #trans women were there in movements even if their voices were never heard #HR1715 May 2017 09:37
  • AA amyloidosis is an unrecognised problem among people who inject drugs #hr1716 May 2017 08:31
  • #sexwork-ers have always been involved in #harmreduction, though their voices are not always heard - Cyndee Clay @HIPSDC #hr1715 May 2017 09:02
  • .@westfal11 to #HR17 media: People who use drugs "live and die by decisions made in boardrooms they don't ever see" #harmreduction15 May 2017 08:17
  • Shaun Shelly from @TBHIVCare puts is nicely: "Involve the people most affected by drug policy." #hr17 #community #involvement #PWUD15 May 2017 08:04
  • E Roberts of @HarmReduction tells of transformative harm reduction educa. in conservative US heartland, increasingly embraced ❤️🙏#hr1715 May 2017 07:59
Community Consensus Statement on Access to HIV Treatment and its Use for Prevention

Together, we can make it happen

We can end HIV soon if people have equal access to HIV drugs as treatment and as PrEP, and have free choice over whether to take them.

Launched today, the Community Consensus Statement is a basic set of principles aimed at making sure that happens.

The Community Consensus Statement is a joint initiative of AVAC, EATG, MSMGF, GNP+, HIV i-Base, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, ITPC and NAM/aidsmap

This content was checked for accuracy at the time it was written. It may have been superseded by more recent developments. NAM recommends checking whether this is the most current information when making decisions that may affect your health.

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